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Hone your concentration skills with Orbit Jumper

Orbit Jumper, a new game on the App Store, challenges you to concentrate as you jump from one orbit to another.

First Update For Junk Jack X Tackles Online Misbehavior And A Whole Lot More

Junk Jack X has just received its first ever update, which makes a whole load of changes to the popular app.

Is Google Too Late To The Game With Its ‘Game Center’ Clone?

The Google Play Game Services will take on Apple's offering by featuring cross-platform compatibility.

OpenFeint To Become ClosedFeint On Dec. 14 As Owner Plans Shutdown

OpenFeint, one of the first iOS leaderboard platforms, is shutting down, according to its owners. Developers have until Dec. 14 to look for another (read: Game Center) solution.

Rarrr! How To Get The Most Out Of iOS With OS X Mountain Lion

Today we're rounding up all the hot new features in OS X Mountain Lion that will help you get the most out of your iOS device.

Amazon Launches Their Own Game Center For Kindle Fire

Amazon launches GameCircle, taking on Apple's own Game Center.

Game Center Comes To Mac

View your Game Center scores, achievements, and leaderboards on OS X

What Game Center For Mac Means To You

When Mac OS 10.8, a.k.a. Mountain Lion, arrives later this summer, it will include something iOS customers have been using for a while now: Game Center. As such, gamers everywhere will (finally) be able to track points, achievements and leaderboard ranks across multiple platforms. But, there is so much more to this news, according to the folks at

Jailbreak Only: Overachiever Can Auto-Fill Your Game Center Achievements

If you want Game Center achievements but can't be bothered to earn them, download Overachiever. This jailbreak tweak allows users to cheat at iOS app achievements, auto-filling users' Game Center profile with achievements they haven't actually earned.

Reminders With Friends: Good Intentions With Poor Execution (Updated)

Reminders With Friends offers some interesting ideas, but has major problems with implementation.

Assassinate Your Friends In Assassin's Creed Rearmed

Ubisoft brings the unique Assassin's Creed style of multiplayer action back to the iPhone.

Match-Three Gaming Raised To The Next Level With SotA - Stele Of The Ancients

SotA - Stele Of The Ancients is a match-three style game with loads of extra features to add more excitement, and to challenge your abilities. With online multiplayer gaming capabilities, you can finally go head to head with your Game Center rivals.

Zen Wars Brings Multiplayer Castle Defense To Game Center

Zen Wars is a castle defense game that requires strategy and timing. You must build your empire, stock it with weapons, and destroy the enemy before they destroy you.

Gun Bros Updated, Adds Game Center Multiplayer

The popular, free universal iOS app, Gun Bros, has recently been updated. Now, in the latest version of the application (2.0.0) players can take advantage of an online multiplayer mode (via Game Center), more rewards and the ability to purchase more "bros" and earn more war bucks.

Jenga Updated - Now Play Online, Against Friends

The popular applications for the iPhone and iPad, Jenga and Jenga HD, have recently received an update. Now, fans of the apps can take advantage of a new online multiplayer mode. Furthermore, new online achievements have also been added in the latest version (1.2).

Ball Frenzy - A Puzzle Game In Disguise

The most important thing you need to know about Ball Frenzy is that despite its appearance, it's not really a soccer game. In fact, according to its developer, the application encompasses aspects of marbles, pool, soccer and bowling.

How Long Can You Survive Unicorns And Rainbows In Techno Kitten Adventure

Techno Kitten Adventure will complete your life! You will not stop laughing from beginning to … well, it doesn’t ever really end.

Doodle Jump Update Bounces Into The App Store, Adds Multiplayer Leaderboard

The popular iPhone app, Doodle Jump, has recently been updated. Now, in the latest version (2.4) players can take advantage of a multiplayer leaderboard (via Game Center) and "new multiplayer path challenges."

All You Need To Know About iOS 5's WWDC Preview

Apple's new iOS 5 features are many in number and awesome by nature. Read on for the full preview.

Doodle Jump Updated: Adds Three New Multiplayer Achievements

Lima Sky's popular iOS app, Doodle Jump ($0.99), has recently been updated. Now, fans of the app can earn three new achievements in the app's recently added multiplayer mode.

Plants Vs. Zombies HD Updated: Game Center Added!

Plants vs. Zombies HD has just received a great update. Now, iPad fans can take advantage of Game Center integration and earn achievements as they play through the popular game.

Canabalt Updated: Retina Display, 60fps, Game Center Added

If you're a fan of the popular iOS game, Canabalt, you'll be pleased to hear it has received an awesome update. If you own an iPhone 4 or iPod touch (4G), you'll be even happier with what the updated version of Canabalt has to offer.

Flight Control Updated: Adds Online Multiplayer Via Game Center!

The popular iOS game, Flight Control, has just received a great update that adds online multiplayer via Game Center. Read on to find out more ...