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NowGaming on Apple TV: Which games should I install first?

Let's see what games you should try out first on your fourth-generation Apple TV.

Eddy Cue talks about Apple TV past, present and future

We learn a bit more about the future of Apple TV, along with how it's been performing, in a recent interview with Eddy Cue.

Got an iPad Pro? Check out this MFi-compatible games catalog

AfterPad's MFi-compatible games catalog is something iPad Pro owners should bookmark.

JP Morgan: Revamped TV could add 3.3 percent to Apple's 2016 earnings

Apple's next TV device could take a bite out of the gaming market.

Throw around the virtual pigskin with Joe Montana Football

The next hit football video game will come to iOS first, and then other platforms.

Family game night is more fun than ever with these iOS gaming apps

Use your iDevice to play games with your family in a new way.

Trending Videos And Game Discovery Tools Show Up On Facebook's iPad App

Game discovery and trending videos are now found on the sidebar of Facebook’s iPad app.

Sony Takes Aim At The Apple TV, Announces Its Own $99 PlayStation TV Set

Sony's PlayStation TV could pose a real threat to Cupertino's similar-priced Apple TV.

AppAdvice Daily: Gaming Rumors, iPad Accessories And A Must Have App

Gaming rumors, iPad camera accessories, and a must have download - all on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Nintendo Hopes To Tackle Apple With New 2DS Handheld Console

Nintendo hopes to take a bite out of Apple with its new game console.

Sit Back And Enjoy Games With The Family This Summer

Introduce your loved ones to some fun and exciting games this summer.

Report: Consumers Spend More On iOS Games Than On Gaming-Optimized Handhelds

According to recent data, consumers spend more money on iOS than they do on handheld game consoles.

CES 2012: ION's New iCade Product Line Is Impressive

This year at CES, we were able to check out some new iCade products from ION.

iWake With AppAdvice For Wednesday Now Available

Good morning! Today's iWake is now available. Learn how to hook up a scanner in today's episode. Have a listen ...

Gametel Wireless Gamepad Is Here: Now For iOS Devices

The Gametel gamepad has recently been updated to support iDevices, as well — making your iOS gaming experience even better.

Game Developer Sheds Light On iOS Game Controller By 60beat

Bugdom 2 developer, Brain Greenstone, talks to TouchArcade about the 60beat GamePad.

The 60beat GamePad Is A Physical Controller For Your iOS Devices

This gaming controller is made specifically for iOS devices. What do you think of your iDevice being the next big gaming console?

AppList: Games You Didn't Know You Needed

There are a lot of genres of games in the App Store — and a lot of games in general. This is a list compiled of a little bit of everything: from tower defense games, to dungeon crawlers, these are the games you need that you never knew you needed.

Get Gaming-Related Stories Delivered To Your Mobile Device With Games News

Games News is a Web post aggregator that specializes in gaming-related news. Instead of trying to read through hundreds of RSS feeds looking for game news, this universal app brings you news and information, listed by categories.

Joypad: Big Screen iOS Gaming - As Long As You've Got An iPhone, iPad And Apple TV

It sounds like a lot to ask for - an iPhone, iPad and an Apple TV. But if you do happen to own all three devices, an app called "Joypad" can allow you to play your favorite iOS games on the "big screen," provided the games' developers implement its API.

Let Your Guild Keep You Company When You're Out On The Road

TeamSpeak for iOS is finally available for traveling gamers everywhere.

Use The Elements To Battle Your Enemies In Elemental Wars, Win A Copy Too!

Elemental Wars is a fantasy-style battle game that combines elements of role-playing games (RPG) with basic turn-based fighting. Focusing only on spell casting, your goal is to defeat the enemy by destroying his tower before he destroys yours.

Get The Highest Sugar Rush You Possibly Can

Sugar Rush is a simple pick-up-and-play game that will definitely kill a few minutes while waiting in line. The style is like the infamous Doodle Jump, but it has its own unique spin to it. Read on to find out more!