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Gazelle wants to sell you the iPhone 6 for less than Apple

If you're looking to upgrade to the iPhone 6, look for a deal here.

Data strongly suggests the new Apple TV is shaping up to be a hit

According to Gazelle, many current Apple TV owners are interested in upgrading.

How can I get the best iPhone trade-in value from Gazelle?

With new iPhones on the horizon, you want to get the most trade-in value out of your old handset.

Gazelle announces a great trade-in program for 'iPhone 6' buyers

Users can lock down a trade-in price on their handset now but don’t need to send it in until October.

Our Old, Abandoned iPhones Are Worth A Collective $13.4 Billion

How do you dispose of your old iPhones?

Your 2013 iPhone Trade In Guide

Ready to trade-in your old iPhone? Here's what it could be worth.

Gazelle Is Giving One Lucky Winner The Chance To Win A Free 'iPhone 5S'

When do you think Apple will release the next iPhone?

Opinion: Amazon's Trade-In Program Borders On Being A Scam

You may want to think twice before using Amazon for your next electronics trade-in.

Your iPad 3 Is Worth A Lot Of Money Especially At Amazon

For iPad 3 owners, this hasn't been a great week. This should make it better.

Gazelle Giving iPhone Sellers More Time To Cash In

Were you promised top dollar on your previous iPhone, but won't be able to sell it until October? We've got some good news for you.

Out With The Old iPhone, In With The New One

The next iPhone release is right around the corner, and I know you all want one, but can you afford it?

Your 2012 iPhone Trade-In Guide

Ready to sell your iPhone 4S/4 or iPhone 3GS? AppAdvice recommends these resellers.

Apple Wants You To Ditch Your iPhone 4S, Now Offering Trade-Ins

Apple is offering up to $345 for your used iPhone 4S.

Gazelle Offering Price-Lock Guarantee For iPhone Sellers And You Can Keep Your Handset Until Oct. 1

Gazelle is making it easy to sell your old iPhone. Between now and Aug. 31, you can lock-in your trade-in price.

Best Places To Sell Your iPhone 4 Right Now & At What Price

It’s almost time to say goodbye to your iPhone 4. As such, you should know that your handset is still worth a lot of money on the secondary market. Here's how much.

New eBay App Tells You What Your Old iDevice Is Worth

Ebay has released a new app for the iPhone/iPod touch. The eBay Instant Sale app provides a simple way to get cash for your old electronics or recycle them for free.

What's My Old iDevice Worth?

Looking to make some cash on that old iPhone 3GS? Amazon is now accepting iDevices for its Electronics Trade-In program. Surprisingly, the prices being offered look good!