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Chronic Dev Team Releases Greenpois0n For Mac!

Great news, Mac OS X fans: the Chronic Dev Team has just released a Mac version of greenpois0n - the jailbreak tool which can "liberate" your iOS 4.1-running iDevice. Limera1n, too, is available in a Mac version. Both jailbreak tools take advantage of the same exploit. Read on to find out more...

Joe White

George Hotz Gets His Own Movie Trailer Spoof

Like him or not, George Hotz is undoubtedly a genius. Whatever Apple did, with new iOS versions and patches, he was able to work around it and jailbreak or unlock our iPhones over and over again. His fans have just put together a spoof trailer covering his accomplishments.

Alexander Vaughn

New Jailbreak Works On Apple TV!

Yesterday, we told you about the release of limera1n: a jailbreak solution which is able to "liberate" iOS 4.1 devices. Today, we've heard limera1n can also jailbreak the recently released Apple TV - though, as of yet, there's not much point in doing so. Read on to find out why...

Joe White