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getting things done

Pendo is a beautiful, thoughtful way to be more organized

Get things done with ease using this simple, but full-featured, app.

Focus on just today's tasks with daily, a simple to-do app

Keep your to-do list as simple as possible with this app.

The best to-do list app: Todoist or Wunderlist?

In this latest App Smackdown, we take a look at two popular to-do list apps.

Gneo shows the beauty of Apple Watch design without their own smartwatch

Gneo is a to-do app that shows beauty and function can be created on Apple Watch without having the smartwatch in hand.

Look At GTD In A Different Light With DashPlus

Getting Things Done doesn't have to be intimidating.

Simplify Your Getting Things Done System With Daymate

Daymate is a simpler GTD solution for those who may not need something as complex as OmniFocus.

Wunderkit For iPhone: Getting-Things-Done Goes Social

Wunderkit - a GTD iPhone app that allows users to work on a project with friends and family - has recently hit the App Store.

Completion, A Simple GTD App For The List Maker

Completion is a Getting Things Done (GTD) app that organizes and prioritizes your projects so you can spend less time making lists and more time accomplishing tasks.