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Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter, from Capcom and Beeline Interactive, will arrive in June

Who you gonna call to battle in this combination puzzler, card game, and RPG?

Who ya gonna call? New Ghostbusters iPhone game is in development

Beeline Interactive is bringing "something strange" to the App Store soon.

Who ya gonna call if ya wanna play Ghostbusters Pinball?

Ghostbusters Pinball is based on the original “Ghostbusters” supernatural comedy film released in 1984.

Bust some ghostly fruit as the Ghostbusters in Fruit Ninja's new Halloween edition

When there's something strange in the dojo, who you gonna call? Fruit Ninja: Ghostbusters!

Who ya gonna call? Respawnables updated with new 'Ghostbusters' content

Respawnables has just been updated with new content based on "Ghostbusters."

Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostbusters iOS Game Captures New Content Update

Ghostbusters has received another ectoplasmic content update.

Are You Afraid Of The Boogie Man? You Better Not Be As You Play Ghostbusters

The strategy, management, and role-playing iOS game Ghostbusters has just captured its second spooky content update.

Today's Best Apps: Ghostbusters, Sunny Drops, Totem Dash And More

Discover the most useful and entertaining iOS apps from the last 24 hours.

If There’s Something Strange In Your iPhone, Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast

Don’t cross the streams as you blast your Neutrona Wand at that slimy green blob in the living room.

AppAdvice Daily: Macworld 2012 Best Mobile Apps Roundup

Macworld/iWorld is over, but check out some of the coolest mobile apps we saw there. Some are available now, and some are coming soon!