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Glee Pushes Too Far - Will Apple Have To Pull?

Apple is very clear as to how a developer can use its push notification service. It's there to add functionality, and that's it. No spam, no ads, no messing around. It seems that the folks from Glee, or actually Smule, as they are the ones who developeed Glee's top-ranking paid Karaoke app, couldn't contain themselves.

Alexander Vaughn

iTunes Pushes "Glee" Cast Past The Beatles

Thanks to iTunes, the 1960s group The Beatles are no longer kings of the Billboard music charts. Between 1964 and 1996, the group from Liverpool, England ruled the Billboard Top 100 by putting 71 songs on the chart. Read more...

Bryan M. Wolfe

Discuss TV Shows In Realtime With The Yap.TV App

Watching television isn’t typically a real-time social experience. Sure, we like to discuss our favorite shows next to the company water cooler or on Twitter and Facebook. But, that typically happens after the fact. However, thanks to a new app from, Inc. you can discuss a show with online friends in real time on your iPad.

Bryan M. Wolfe