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glu games

Players gonna play Taylor Swift's upcoming mobile game from Glu

Taylor Swift’s mobile game will likely offer a celebrity simulation gaming experience quite similar to that offered in Katy Perry Pop.

I tapped an app and I liked it: Pop superstar Katy Perry is out with her own celebrity game

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again? Well, you might want to play Katy Perry Pop.

Diner Dash goes free-to-play following acquisition of PlayFirst by Glu Games

A fresh version of Diner Dash has just been served on iOS.

Upcoming 'Hercules' Film Starring The Rock Gets Official Hack-And-Slash Game For iOS

Hercules is inspired by the upcoming film of the same name, which sees Hercules living a perilous life as a sword-for-hire.

Keep Up With Kim Kardashian's Hollywood Lifestyle In Glu's New Game

Hey, doll! You probably didn't ask for it, but it's coming anyway.

Glu Games Launches Third-Person Shooter Sequel Frontline Commando 2 On iOS

Glu Games has just deployed a new game in the App Store: Frontline Commando 2.

Dead Or Alive, You're Coming With RoboCop In Glu Games' Official Movie Tie-In Game

You're under arrest! For not yet playing RoboCop, that is.

Gun Zombie 2 Blasts Into The US App Store, Offers 'Intense' Shooting Experience For iOS

Gun Zombie 2, the latest iOS app from Glu Games, has launched in the U.S. App Store.

Be The Hero By Defeating Your Enemies In Frontline Commando: D-Day

Go back in time to defeat the occupation forces, clear trenches, storm beaches, and liberate towns.

Percy And Francis Are Back With Bigger And Better Guns In Gun Bros 2

Everyone's favorite gun-toting brothers are back.

Quirky App Of The Day: Contract Killer Zombies 2 Offers Hours Of Fun Exterminating Zombie Hordes

Help survivors flee from the outbreak and discover the mystery behind these zombies in Contract Killer Zombies 2.

Race For Your Life In Glu Games' New Racing Title Indestructible

Indestructible is an action-packed post-apocalyptic racing game.

Run Your Own Personal Campground In Campers!

Campers is a freemium campsite management game with cute graphics and a frustrating control scheme.

Rogue Racing: A Fun Freemium Game

A fun, free game, but only for a limited time. Impressive gameplay for those who are willing to pay.

Review: Paperboy: Special Delivery - The Paperboy Is Back On The Route

Paperboy is back delivering papers on your iOS devices. The classic 80's game has been redesigned visually, and has a story mode. Read on to find out all about it.

iPhone & iPad App Review: Glyder 2

Glyder 2 is a game where you glyde around various islands collecting crystals. It's now available for the iPhone & iPad, and we give the breakdown for each respective device.