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Google Music Client gMusic Gets Enhanced Offline Mode In New Update

The unofficial Google Music client for iOS, gMusic, has just been updated.

The Best Google Music Client Just Got Better With gMusic 2

The best Google Music client, gMusic, has been re-released as a new app with improvements for iOS 7 and Google Play All Access.

Monday App Updates: Great Apps That Just Got Better For May 27, 2013

Each Monday, AppAdvice presents some recently updated apps worth checking out. This week’s list features some music, a little bit of travel, and more.

Who Says You Can't Access Google Play Music All Access On iOS? You Can With gMusic

Google Play Music All Access is now accessible on iOS, thanks to the newly updated gMusic.

Google's New Streaming Music Service Is Coming To iOS

The gMusic: A Google Music player app will soon support Google Play Music All Access.

Tune Wars: Apple Removes Third-Party Amazon Music App

Apple has quietly pulled a third-party app that allowed users to stream music from their Amazon Cloud Drive. aMusic, which arrived in the App Store last month, is no longer available for download in the App Store. Meanwhile, the company is said to be unhappy with a Google Music-inspired app as well.

gMusic - A New, Native Google Music Client For iPhone

Google's Music Beta service, which allows users to upload tracks to the cloud and stream them on a desktop computer or mobile device, can only be accessed by iOS users via a Web app. While Google hasn't released an official iOS app yet, gMusic - a recently released iPhone app - allows users to access the service from within a native application.