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Google Books

Google Updates Google Play Books, Adds OCR-Based Search For Scanned Pages

Google has added a useful feature to its Google Play Books iOS app.

Google Books Updated: Adds Library Management, Improved Formatting And Accessibility Options

The Google Books iOS app (which was removed from the App Store due to in-app purchasing issues, and then reappeared soon after) has recently received an update. Now, the e-book reading application allows users to manage the contents of their digital library, and the formatting of e-books is much improved. Furthermore, the latest version of Google Books also boasts new accessibility features.

Apple’s Attempt To Siphon Off E-Book Revenues From Others Backfires

Apple's new subscription rules makes it the biggest loser. Here's why.

Now Fully Compliant With Apple's Rules, Google Books App Returns

The Google Books app is once again available in the App Store. And it is now fully compliant with Apple’s new subscription policy.

Depending On Which E-Book Reader App You Use, Today Could Be A Bad Day [Updated]

Apple’s new subscription rules are beginning to have an effect on iPad owners who use the iDevice to read books. While one e-book app has now been eliminated from the App Store, others have been radically changed to comply with the new rules. What’s the status of your favorite e-book reader app? Read on.

Did Apple (Or Harry Potter?) Kill Off Google Books App?

The free Google Books app is no longer available in the App Store. This news, which was first uncovered by 9 To 5 Mac, could suggest Apple is beginning to pull apps that violate the company’s new in-app purchase terms of service. Or perhaps Google pulled the app itself.

First Major Google Books Update Tries To Close The Gap With Landscape Support And More

The Google Books for iOS app has gained landscape support and a couple other features in hopes of convincing more users to switch to Google's eBook app for their reading needs.

Google Books Available Now - Haven't We Read This One Before?

Google Books for iOS is now available to download for free in the App Store. Read on to find out more ...

Google Launches Its Own E-Book Store & Dedicated Universal iOS App

A new contender has just announced their plans to enter the e-book space and it's not a small one. Moments ago, Google officially announced the launch of its very own e-book platform, named Google eBooks, and you'll be glad to know that it comes with an universal iOS reader app.