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google latitude

iPhone Owners Can Now Get Checked In With Google Latitude

Nearly two months after Google provided the feature for their Android platform, the company finally brings check-ins to the iPhone version of their Latitude app.

Google Latitude Updated, Now Supports iPhone 3G

The free Google Latitude iOS application has recently been updated, and now supports the iPhone 3G. While iPhone 3G owners cannot take advantage of "background location reporting," they can update their location on the go by simply launching the app on their handset.

Google Latitude: Available In The App Store Now

Google Latitude for iOS is now available in the App Store. This follows the application's appearance (and removal) from the Japanese App Store last week. Read on to find out more ...

Google Latitude Appears In Japanese App Store, Then Disappears?

A few days ago, a "Google Latitude" iOS application appeared in the Japanese App Store. Shortly thereafter, Google Latitude disappeared, and we haven't seen it since. Read on to find out more ...

Web-based Google Latitude Now Available For iPhone

Google developed a native app but didn't release it at Apple's request because people would confuse it with Maps.