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google reader

Feedly Pro Is Now Available To Everyone

The $5 per month Feedly Pro service is now available.

A Feedly Pro Service Launches For A Select Few

The "limited edition" service brings more advanced tools to users.

Shelf Control: Thanks To Feedly, My First Week Without Google Reader Went Nicely

In this week's edition of Shelf Control, I'll share what Feedly-compatible RSS aggregator apps I've been using since Google Reader said goodbye.

Say Hello To Labyl, 'Your Map To The Web'

Labyl doesn't claim to be a Google Reader clone. Still, it is definitely worth checking out if you like reading news feeds.

RIP Google Reader ... Long Live Reeder, Now With Support For Feedly And Feed Wrangler

Even as Google Reader is dead, the popular RSS client app Reeder certainly lives on.

The AppAdvice Week In Review: Google Reader's Demise, iOS 7's Rise And Donald Duck

Fireworks, Donald Duck, and iOS 7 on an iPad. What's not to love?

These Google Reader Alternatives For iOS Will Live On After This Weekend

It is now crunch time. Google Reader goes offline on July 1.

Worried About Reeder After Google Reader's Demise? Don't Be

Reeder is definitely not going anywhere but forward after the termination of Google's RSS feed aggregation service on July 1.

Mr. Reader Prepares For Life After Google Reader With Newly Released Version 2.0

Mr. Reader has just received its 2.0 update, which brings support for several Google Reader replacements.

AOL Reader To Launch On Monday, One Week Before The Demise Of Google Reader

AOL is jumping into the newsreader business. AOL Reader launches on Monday, June 24.

Digg's Google Reader Replacement Set To Launch On June 26 For iPhone

Digg Reader, a replacement service for Google Reader, is set to launch on June 26, 2013.

Feedly Is Preparing For Life After Google Reader

Feedly's future is bright, even though Google Reader is officially being retired on July 1.

Extra! Extra! RSS Apps For Your iPad Google Can't Kill

The announcement that Google Reader will shut down on July 1 has left many users and app developers scrambling for a new way to handle their RSS feeds. We've found some of the best options for reading your RSS feeds on your iPad now and on July 1.

Feedly Sends Out A New Update As They Say Hello To Google Reader Users

Feedly releases a new update for iOS, and announces that a huge number of Google Readers have joined their service.

Reeder To Use Feedbin And Other Sources Following Google Reader's Exit

Reeder has announced their plans for the post-Google Reader era.

Zite Reacts To Google Reader’s Demise While Prepping A New Web Product

The Zite CEO tells AppAdvice about his company's reaction to the end of Google Reader, the decision to create Zite for Web, and more.

Say Goodbye To Google Reader And Hello To Rockmelt

We're putting forward another Google Reader alternative in the form of Rockmelt.

Google Reader Alternative NetNewsWire Set To Make Its Comeback On Mac And iOS

Black Pixel is working hard to release new versions of NetNewsWire that are "worthy of the name and history you have come to expect."

The AppAdvice Week In Review: Samsung's Bizarre Party And Apple's Response

Two of Apple's main competitors made a lot of noise this week. Not that Cupertino was silent during the week that was.

Google Reader Is Dead, Long Live These Alternatives

Google Reader ends service on July 1. Here are some alternatives for iOS users.

Google To Shut Down Google Reader Along With Other Services

As part of what it calls "a second spring of cleaning," Google has announced that it will be shutting down Google Reader.

Here's Some Cappuccino To Go With Your Google Reader

RSS isn't dead, as proven by some amazing Google Reader apps. Cappuccino is another one to check out, but is up to snuff?