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google voice

Top AppAdvice News And Apps Of The Past Week

This week, we heard that Steve Jobs' mark will be on future Apple products for years to come, despite his death earlier this month. In addition, the iPhone 4S continued to impress and will soon be available in 22 additional countries. These and other topics made news this week. Here are some of the best articles.

Bryan M. Wolfe

Google Voice is great for making and receiving calls without using your phone minutes, but it can do so much more. On today's show find out how to record a call, go into Do Not Disturb mode, and have personal greetings for separate groups.

Robin Rhys

New AppGuide: VOIP Apps For iOS

The iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch are all fantastic devices to make free or low cost VOIP calls. There are tons of different solutions available. This AppGuide will guide you through the best out there for iOS.

Tim Chaten