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google voice

Google updates Hangouts and Google Voice, introduces iOS Sync for Google Apps

Google has just updated both its Hangouts and Google Voice apps for iOS and introduced a new iOS Sync initiative.

Google Voice Finally Updated For iPhone 5, iOS 6

It’s been a long time coming, but Google Voice has finally been updated for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

Dear Notification Center, Do I Really Have To Compare You Unfavorably To Android?

Sure, Apple is making Notification Center better in iOS 6. But it could be even better and here's how.

Report: Google Chrome Coming To iOS Later This Year

Ready to ditch mobile Safari? Google hopes so.

iWake With AppAdvice For Thursday Now Available

Good morning! Today's iWake is now available. Have a listen ...

Top AppAdvice News And Apps Of The Past Week

This week, we heard that Steve Jobs' mark will be on future Apple products for years to come, despite his death earlier this month. In addition, the iPhone 4S continued to impress and will soon be available in 22 additional countries. These and other topics made news this week. Here are some of the best articles.

Google Voice Returns To App Store

One week after Google pulled it from the App Store, Google Voice is back. This news was announced earlier this evening via the official Google Voice Twitter account.

Talkatone App Adds Facebook Calling Feature, iPad Compatibility

One of the more popular VoIP solutions for the iPhone/iPod touch just got better. Talkatone now lets users make phone calls using Facebook as well as Google Voice. In addition, the app is now universal meaning it work on an iPad too.

Google Voice Goes International, Some Prices Lowered

One year after the service debuted for U.S. customers only, Google Voice is going international. The service, which allows you to call anyone on a mobile phone or landline via Gmail, arrives in 150 destinations across 38 languages this week.

Jailbreak Only: GVIntegrated - Make Google Voice A Real Part Of The iOS

If you're a Google Voice user, consider downloading GVIntegrated. This new jailbreak tweak integrates Google Voice within the iOS, allowing users to make calls via the service from the built-in Phone app.

GV Mobile + Updated: Adds Support For The iPad!

Sean Kovacs' "original Google Voice app," GV Mobile + ($2.99), has recently been updated. Now, the app is universal - meaning users of the app can interact with Google Voice on all of their iOS devices, including the iPad.

AppAdvice EXTRA: Google Voice Tips & Tricks

Google Voice is great for making and receiving calls without using your phone minutes, but it can do so much more. On today's show find out how to record a call, go into Do Not Disturb mode, and have personal greetings for separate groups.

Talkatone Updated: Now Send Free SMS Messages Over Wi-Fi Or 3G

The popular Google Voice VoIP app, Talkatone, has recently received a great update. Now, users of the app can send SMS messages using Talkatone for free.

Talkatone Is Getting Text Support - It's The Google Voice App To Rule Them All

If you're still looking for an all-inclusive way to use Google Voice on your iOS device, we've got some good news for you. It's on the way.

Must-Have: Talkatone Google Voice VoIP Client App Gets A Brand New Interface

The great Talkatone app just got a brand new interface, making free Google Voice VoIP calls better than ever.

New AppGuide: VOIP Apps For iOS

The iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch are all fantastic devices to make free or low cost VOIP calls. There are tons of different solutions available. This AppGuide will guide you through the best out there for iOS.

GV Connect Now A Universal iOS Application

The popular Google Voice client for iPhone, GV Connect, is now a universal app. This means the same application will run natively on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Read on to find out more ...

The Official Google Voice App Gets Its First Update

The first update to the official Google Voice iOS app has landed, including mostly maintenance and general user interface improvements to accompany a few new small feature additions.

Appisode 222: Another Gold Master Released, Win A Free iPod Touch And Ways To Improve Google Voice

Apple Releases another Gold Master - 4.2.1. Win a free iPod Touch from Loopt. Make Google Voice more useful by using Line 2.

Apple Approves The Official Google Voice App - Now Available For Download

While you might have been slightly disappointed by today's earlier events, here is something that will cheer you up. After over a year of waiting (16 months to be precise), Apple has finally approved Google's official Google Voice app for the iPhone and it's now available for download.

Boxcar Updated - Adds Several Great New Features!

The popular iOS app, Boxcar, has just received a great new update. Read on to find out what's new ...

Unconfirmed: Official Google Voice App Gets Approved, Awaiting Release

Will the native Google Voice app finally make it into the App Store? That's what we're hearing today.

Reminder: GV Mobile + Now Free For The Rest Of The Day

A short note to remind you that, as we recently reported, the Google Voice client GV Mobile + has gone free for the rest of the night to celebrate its approval in the App Store (and to save its Cydia buyers from having to buy it again).