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Gorilla Glass

As Apple gets closer to making the 'iPhone 6' announcement, warnings about sapphire

The new series of tests compares sapphire with Gorilla Glass.

A New Video Shows A Flexible 'iPhone 6' Display

Is this video showing an "iPhone 6" front panel?

Corning SVP Calls Sapphire Glass Expensive, Heavier, Environmentally Unfriendly

One of Corning's senior vice presidents has spoken out against the use of sapphire glass in smartphones and tablets.

New Screen Protectors From Armorz Made With Gorilla Glass

Available for the iPad Air and iPad mini, the Stealth Extreme R Tempered also offers tapered edges for a sleek look.

Corning Official Throws A Curve Into Speculation About Apple’s iWatch

The Gorilla Glass maker said it will be three years before products using bendable Willow Glass will hit the market.

Corning's Vision Of The Future Is All Touchscreen, All The Time

If these Corning videos are anything to go on, Android and Windows fans don't have much to look forward to.

Gorilla Glass Maker Introduces Thin, Flexible Display

Corning, which has provided the iPhone’s Gorilla Glass screen since the original version in 2007, has announced a new line of ultra-thin, flexible glass.

iPhone 4: Yes, You Can Scratch Me

A scratch resistant iPhone? In your dreams. Read on to find out more about how iPhone 4 deals with the constant threat scratches...