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Learn six-string from a lifelike animation in Final Guitar

Learn guitar from experienced teachers and concert guitarists through this app.

Improve your air guitar game with Jamstik+

This delightful, but expensive, accessory is a definite step up from playing air guitar.

Guitar! by Smule updated with new Alternative Country guitar, new Freestyle Mode and more

The popular social guitar-playing app Guitar! by Smule has just received a new update that adds a brand new guitar.

With Capo touch for iOS, learning to play your favorite tracks couldn't be easier

The folks behind the Capo 3 Mac app have launched Capo touch for iOS on the App Store.

AppAdvice Daily: Learn Guitar Using Your iDevice Session Two - Chords

It's time for session two in our guitar series, so get ready to learn some chords using your iDevice.

AppAdvice Daily: Learn Guitar Using Your iPhone Session 1 - Guitar Tuners

Learn how to tune a guitar using your iPhone on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Learn How To Play Guitar With Jamstar Acoustics

Jamstar Acoustics can help you learn how to play the guitar using your iDevice.

Pearl Guitar Offers Music Fans A Dedicated 6-String Experience For iPad

Pearl Guitar, an impressive six-string guitar simulator for iPad, is available to download now in the App Store.

Guitar! By Smule Gets Fine-Tuned With New Features And Improvements

Guitar! by Smule has just just received an update that brings a set of notable improvements.

Musician’s Corner: Fender Launches Squier Strat For Your iPhone, iPad And Mac

For this episode of Musician’s Corner we shred, Fender style on iOS.

New AppGuide: Best Apps For Learning Guitar

Get ready to crank your amp up to "11", as you'll be mastering your axe in no time!

Become A Musician With Rockmate

Rockmate turns your iPad into a complete music studio, and it's easy and super fun to use. You can compose, record, and play songs with up to four rock players on a single iPad.

New AppGuide: Best Studio Recording Apps For iPad

There is no shortage of apps available to musicians who are looking to record their next big hit. Here is a break down of the apps that any serious musician/producer is going to want to keep on their iDevice.

TabBook Lets You Download Guitar Tablature On Your iPad And Look Cool To Your Bandmates

TabBook is a guitar and bass tablature music saver for the iPad. Input and save as many songs as you'd like to the app’s website and download them to your tablet for offline viewing anytime.

New AppList: Best Apps for Non-Musicians

It's not uncommon for people to want to play a musical instrument, but not want to actually learn how to play one. While the apps in this AppGuide will not get you playing at Carnegie Hall, they will suffice for making music that you can call your own.

Fretter Takes The Guesswork Out Of Chords

Expand your repertoire of chords, and discover the names of the ones you've stumbled on by accident. Fretter is an app for experienced and beginner musicians alike.

Guitar World Lick Of The Day - Become A Guitar Hero Now!

Guitar World Lick of the Day is a new universal iOS application, which promises to teach iDevice owners a "guitar lick" each and every day. Read on, and find out if this app is worth downloading ...

Review: Amplitube - A Full Guitar Rig In Your Pocket

Amplitube is an application that applies real-time guitar and bass effects, aiming to eliminate the need for physical stompboxes. Read on to see if it is the real deal or too good to be true!

Some QuickAdvice to Get Amped Up for AmpKit

Agile Partners' follow-up to the ToolKit apps has just been released. Will you be turning it up to 11 or pulling the plug?

AmpKit: Rock Your iPhone With Pedals And Amps

Still buzzing in a could of post-WWDC, Apple Design Award winning success, TabToolkit's Agile Partners have something new up their sleeve, sitting neatly next to their plectrums and capos. Read on to find out what this could be.

Transform Your iPhone Into A Portable Guitar MultiFX Rig

IK Multimedia have promised to deliver the "Eureka" moment every guitar playing iPhone user has been waiting for. The AmpliTube iRig is coming soon and will allow you to transform your iPhone into a portable Guitar and Bass MultiFX system.

New AppGuide: Find The Best Guitar Tuner Apps

One of the most useful pieces of equipment for any guitarist to carry around is a decent guitar tuner. Luckily for iPhone and iPod Touch users there are quite a few guitar tuner apps available in the App Store.

Licks - Great New Guitar App For iPhone

Licks ($2.99) by Michael Ahmarani has been designed for every guitarist who has ever wanted to add something extra to their playing. If you have ever wanted to add a new dimension with licks and riffs then this app is definitely for you

Review: TabToolkit

Do you find yourself carrying stacks of printed tabs and notation? Wouldn't you rather have them all easily accessible, on your phone and be able to play them as well? TabToolkit allows you to do all of this and more.