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Chaos reigns in Gameloft’s Order & Chaos Online as hackers use a ‘test box’

With the tool, gamers can do things like create infinite gold and much more.

Yahoo Mail User? Hackers Could Have Your Credentials, Too

Yahoo Mail is the latest major online service to have suffered a security breach.

All Of Apple's Developer Services Are Back Online: Free Extension Offered

It's been three weeks, but all of Apple's Developer services are now back online.

Apple Fixes Charger-Based Hack In iOS 7 Beta 4

Apple has fixed a "malicious charger hack," which was discovered in iOS 6 back in June.

Security Researcher May Be The 'Intruder' Behind Apple's Developer Center Shutdown

A security researcher has come out with compelling proof that he may have actually brought about the shutdown of Apple's Developer Center.

How To Enable Free Personal Hotspot Tethering On An iDevice, No Jailbreak Required

It's possible to enable Personal Hotspot on an iDevice free of charge using this brand new method, which doesn't require a jailbreak.

How To Enable HD Voice For AT&T-Powered iPhones

This new hacked carrier update allows AT&T-powered iPhone users to enable HD Voice on their smartphone jailbreak-free.

New Hack Can Activate HD Voice On Earlier T-Mobile iPhone Handsets

One new hacked carrier update for T-Mobile users promises to enable HD Voice on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S handsets.

Last But Not Least: Hacked Sprint Carrier Update Offers Improved Cellular Performance

Sprint iPhone users now have the option of improving cellular download performance, jailbreak-free.

Your iDevice Can Be Hacked In Just Under A Minute With Just A Modified Charger

It's possible to hack an iPhone in just under a minute using just a modified charger.

Hacked Carrier Update Offers Verizon Users The Option Of Higher Cellular Speeds

This new method allows Verizon iPhone owners to increase their handset's cellular download speeds.

Hacked AT&T Carrier Update Promises To Improve iDevice Network Performance

AT&T iPhone owners can now hack their smartphone into improved cellular download action.

Increase T-Mobile iPhone Download Speeds With This Hack, No Jailbreak Required

If your T-Mobile iPhone 5 is running a little slow when connected to the carrier's cellular data network, read on.

How Hard Is It To Hack An iCloud Account?

The answer, it would seem, is "not hard at all."

Russian Crook Makes It Easy For Anyone To Get Free IAPs

A Russian hacker has bypassed Apple's verification platform to grant non-jailbreakers free IAPs.

A Russian Hacker Has Ported iOS 6's 3-D Maps To An iPhone 4 Handset

Apple's new Maps app in iOS 6 is great, but one downside of the application is that its best features require A5-enabled iDevices, meaning iPhone 4 and original iPad owners can't enjoy 3-D maps or turn-by-turn navigation. However, less than one week after iOS 6 beta 1 was released for iOS developers, one Russian hacker has successfully managed to both features to an iPhone 4 handset.

These Simple Bookmarklets Can Shrink Or Expand Your Online World

Use this simple trick to increase or decrease Mobile Safari's font size quickly and easily.

Hackers Show Off Jailbroken Apple TV App Launcher

Hackers demo iOS app launcher on an Apple TV.

Siri Hacked To Control Wi-Fi Thermostat

Developer hacks Siri to control Wi-Fi thermostat.

Unconfirmed: Potential Hack To Unlock Any iPhone Hits The Web

The web is getting all excited tonight over a potential hack that is reportedly allowing users with carrier locked GSM iPhones, to unlock their device to use on any network like T-Mobile. It's particularly simple, and requires no software or hardware modifications.

Jailbreak Only: Linux - Coming Soon To Your iPhone, iPad

A team of jailbreak developers has recently managed to install the Linux desktop operating system on Apple's A4 equipped iOS devices. The news comes as the image of an iPad running Linux was tweeted by one of the team's developers.

iOS Hackery: How To Lock Your iOS Device & Fake An Incoming FaceTime Call Using Safari

What if you could fake incoming FaceTime calls and lock your device using an url scheme? Now it's possibly. Come find out how!

Jailbreak Only: New Hack Can Turn An iPad 3G Into An iPhone

An iPad (Wi-Fi +3G) has apparently been hacked to make phone calls and SMS messages. While we’re not sure about the legitimacy of this claim, a relatively low-quality YouTube video demonstrates the hack in action, and it appears to work.