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hack and slash

Fight off hordes of the undead as a Fantasy Mage

Use all the magic and gear at your disposal to save your village from armies of the dead.

Hack and slash through your deadly oppressors in Angel Stone

This new hack and slash dungeon crawler will keep you on the edge of your seat as you battle for humanity's salvation.

Battle demonic beasts in ArcaneSoul for a chance to win a $10 iTunes gift card

Here's your chance to win a $10 iTunes gift card!

Team up with the Iron Knights for a chance to win a $10 iTunes gift card

Here's your chance to win a $10 iTunes gift card!

Battle Against Enemies To Prove Your Worth In Iesabel

Don’t let your guard down in this epic hack-and-slash adventure game.

Button Mash Your Way Through Endless Hordes Of Undead In Apocalypse Knights

Play as a severely overpowered knight and sword smash your way through a never ending stream of undead demons.

Oozoo Inc.'s Brandnew Boy Is A Fresh Take On Touchscreen Adventure

Games on iOS are often hit-or-miss due to wonky controls and bad touchscreen translation. This one's a hit all the way.

Love Hack And Slash RPGs? Give Devildark: The Fallen Kingdom A Try

Devildark: The Fallen Kingdom is a hack and slash RPG with some serious interface issues.

Review: Golden Axe 2 - Another SEGA Classic Comes to iOS

An old school favorite hack-n-slash game, Golden Axe 2, is another Genesis iOS port. Is it worth playing, or does it get the chop?

Chillingo Unleashes 3D Tower Defense Game Vampire Rush

If you are a fan of tower defense or hack 'n slash games you should be in for a treat. Chillingo is releasing a hybrid title called Vampire Rush with an iPad HD and standard version.

Review: Braveheart - Wield Tornadoes Of Destruction

The king has ordered you to perform one task to gain the hand of his daughter. Being the hero that you are, you must complete the quest and ravage through vile lands full of monsters. Are you up for the challenge? Read on to find out more.

Review: Treasure Jones - How Treasure Island Should Have Been

As Jones, a young adventurer, you must explore a mysterious island and uncover many lost treasures and gems from long ago with the help of your loyal dog. While the gold and artifacts are easily accessible, the island creatures aren't too happy about your intrusion into their habitat. Click to find out more.

Review: Hybrid 2: Saga of Nostalgia - Button Mashing Through Different Dimensions

GAMEVIL has just released the sequel to their side-scrolling RPG game, Hybrid: Eternal Whisper. How does Hybrid 2: Saga of Nostalgia compare to its predecessor? Read on to find out more.

Gameloft Shows Off First In-Game Shots Of Hero Of Sparta II

Gameloft has just revealed a cinematic trailer for their upcoming Hero of Sparta sequel, which also contains the first ever shots of the game in action.