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Hack In The Box

HITB Panel Discussion Addresses iOS 6 Jailbreak Progress

A selection of iOS hackers have been discussing the status of an iOS 6 jailbreak solution.

Check Out The Jailbreak Dream Team's Hack In The Box Conference Presentation

Back in May, the “Jailbreak Dream Team” – a bunch of talented iOS hackers, including @pod2g and @p0sixninja – assembled in Amsterdam to talk at the annual Hack In The Box conference. Now, the Dream Team’s presentation is available to view online in two YouTube videos, which hit the Web recently.

The Jailbreak Dream Team Plans To Present This Year's Hack In The Box Conference

Joshua Hill (@p0sixninja) recently announced via Twitter that the "Jailbreak Dream Team" - that is, those jailbreakers responsible for untethering the Apple A5 processor - will be presenting this year's Hack In The Box (HITB) security conference.