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harry potter

Like magic, all 7 Harry Potter editions are now on iBooks

Exclusive to the iBooks Store, enter the wizarding world today with all seven editions.

J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books have magically appeared on Oyster's e-reading service

Harry Potter has just Apparated on Oyster. “Accio, Harry Potter!” says Oyster. Harry Potter has just cast an “Alohomora” spell on Oyster.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For May 10, 2012

There's magic in the air with our Game of the Week!

Grab Your Wand: LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 Hits The App Store

J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series is finally coming to an end - we've read the last book, we've seen the last film and, while some Potter-mad fans are enjoying exploring additional content via Pottermore, it's now possible to play through the last LEGO Harry Potter game on our beloved iOS devices.

All Seven Harry Potter Titles Finally Arrive On E-Readers, Smart Phones

After a five month delay, Harry Potter e-books are now available for the digitally inclined, five years after the final Potter book was originally released in hardback. Beginning today, all seven books in J.K. Rowling’s popular series are available via e-readers, tablets, personal computers and mobile phones.

Cast Harry Potter Spells On Your iPhone Using MyAssistant Jailbreak Tweak

If you love Harry Potter and rock a jailbroken iPhone, by using the recently released MyAssistant tweak plus Activator it's possible to enchant one's iPhone 4S via a series of custom Siri commands!

AppList Updated: Scene It? Apps For iOS, Plus Other Games For A Party

Have the dog days of summer moved your party indoors? With the recently updated Scene it? games AppList as well as Board Games and Party Games, you'll find entertainment anywhere with your iOS device.

New AppGuide: Movie Games For The iPad

There are simply a ton of fantastic movies that have been turned into game apps for the iPad. Some apps stand out above others in this category. We compare movie games for iPad in this AppGuide.

New AppList: Scene It? Apps For iOS

The Scene It? series has been a hit board game/DVD combo for many years. The iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are great platforms for the Scene It? games. Here are the Scene It? apps that are currently available on your iOS device.

Review: LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - Keeping You Entertained Outside The Theater

The movie event of the year hit the cinemas early this morning, drawing large audiences of Harry Potter fans. Warner Bros brings the first 4 years of adventure of your favorite Hogwarts student to the iPhone and iPad. Is this game enough to satisfy your Harry Potter obsession when you're not watching the film? Read on to find out.

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Coming To iPad, iPhone, And iPod Touch

Warner Bros. Entertainment and TT Games Publishing are teaming up to bring the renowned LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 from your gaming console to your iDevice.

Review: Harry Potter: Spells

Transform your iPhone or iPod Touch into a magic wand and cast over fourteen different spells. This app is one every Harry Potter fan should check out. How do the controls fair? Find out here...