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Clans of giant morphing alien robots clash in Transformers: Earth Wars

Transformers: Earth Wars is a 3-D real-time combat strategy game in the vein of Supercell’s hugely popular Clash of Clans.

Shake, score and shout: This new iOS game lets you play Hasbro's Yahtzee with your buddies

You can now play Yahtzee, the hugely popular multiplayer dice game owned by Hasbro, with your buddies using your iOS device.

Best new games of the week: Transformers: Battle Tactics and Midnight Star

Get your game on this weekend with a tactical Transformers adventure and a mind-blowing sci-fi shooter experience you don't want to miss.

Assemble a dream team of Decepticons and Autobots in Transformers: Battle Tactics

The turn-based tactical game offers both a campaign mode and multiplayer action.

Rovio rolls out first update to Angry Birds Transformers featuring 'Deceptihogs Revenge'

Rovio has just rolled out the first update to Angry Birds Transformers.

Hasbro and Backflip Studios offer a new play on words with Scrabble Pics

What do you get if you combine Scrabble and Pictionary, both of which happen to be published by Hasbro?

DeNA and Hasbro are teaming up to produce Transformers: Battle Tactics

The turn-based tactical combat game will arrive in 2015.

Rovio rolls out Angry Birds Transformers on iOS worldwide

Rovio has officially rolled out Angry Birds Transformers on the App Store around the world.

Check out the official gameplay trailer for Rovio's Angry Birds Transformers

Rovio has released a new trailer for the highly anticipated Angry Birds and Transformers mash-up game.

Hasbro and Paper Toss developer Backflip Studios score with Nerf Hoops

Hasbro and Backflip Studios have released Nerf Hoops.

Dungeons & Dragons mobile castle defense game coming next year from Backflip Studios

Another mobile game based on Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is in the works from Backflip Studios.

My Little Pony Party of One goes free as it goes 2.0 with universal support and more

Young Pegasisters and Bronies have reason to rejoice as My Little Pony Party of One has just been updated to version 2.0.

Shivers the Squirrel comes to Gameloft's Littlest Pet Shop with lots of new content

Gameloft has just unleashed another major update to Littlest Pet Shop.

Hasbro And DeNA Roll Out Transformers: Age Of Extinction - The Official Game

Hasbro, in partnership with DeNa, has released Transformers: Age of Extinction - The Official Game.

Rovio And Hasbro Introduce Autobirds And Deceptihogs In Angry Birds Transformers

Rovio is about to "transform" its mightily popular Angry Birds brand yet again into something big and out of this world.

Sweet! My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic Updated With New Zone Plus More Goodies

My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic has galloped into another content update.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction Game Is Coming Soon To The App Store

The free game for both the iPhone and iPad is described as an “action combat runner.”

Gameloft Updates My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic With New Mine Cart Mini-Game

Gameloft has just updated My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic, the popular adventure game based on Hasbro's animated TV series of the same name.

Gameloft Releases Littlest Pet Shop 2.0 Featuring New 'Gailbreak' Content And More

Gameloft has just updated the official iOS game of "Littlest Pet Shop" to version 2.0.

Your Favorite Transformers Turn Into Battle Masters In This New Game From Hasbro

Want to find out how the Transformers would fare in a head-to-head robot battle? Check out Transformers: Battle Masters.

Team Battle Episodes And New Card Rarities Unfold In Transformers Legends 2.0

Transformers Legends has just transformed, as it were, into version 2.0.

Zynga Updates Hasbro Toy-Based KRE-O CityVille Invasion With New Features

Zynga has just issued a major update to KRE-O CityVille Invasion.

Hasbro's BeyWarriors Takes The Beyblade Shogun Steel Battles To Your iDevice

Hasbro is out with a brand new iOS game called BeyWarriors.

Zynga Joins Forces With Hasbro To Create KRE-O CityVille Invasion

What do you get when a virtual-world gaming giant and a real-world gaming giant join forces?