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Apple Promises To Launch iPhone 5-Compatible HDMI, VGA Cables Soon

Don't worry: iPhone 5-compatible HDMI and VGA adapters are coming soon.

AppAdvice Daily: Hulu Brings Back HDMI Mirroring - What You Need, The Setup, And The Coolness

Hulu finally brought HDMI mirroring back from the dead. Find out what you need, how to set it up, and most importantly how it works on today's show.

Hulu Update Angers iPad 2 Users, HBO Hits The App Store, Plus Lots Of Royal Wedding Apps

iCloud rumors, Royal Wedding apps, Hulu angers iPad 2 users, and HBO hits the App Store.

How Does The iPad 2 Handle DRM-Protected Content & HDMI Output?

Steve Jobs unveiled, along with the iPad 2, a handy little accessory that allows iPad 2 owners to mirror anything happening on their screen (via HDMI) to a television or projector. Video-out functionality isn't new to iOS. The interesting point is that this accessory works independently of the app currently running, and will function even when the app you're running doesn't support video-out.

New AppList: Games Destined For HDMI Mirroring With iPad 2

The iPad 2 introduces a new feature: HDMI mirroring. The new Apple Digital AV Adapter lets you plug your iPad into an HDMI equipped TV. Mirroring enables every app and the iPad's OS itself to be shown on an external monitor. We think that gaming could get crazy fun with this new feature. We take a look at what games have simple enough controls that would make them work on the big screen in this AppList.

Can't Wait For AirPlay On Your iPad? We've Got Some Solutions

If you’ve been waiting for iOS 4.2 to stream videos with AirPlay, and cannot wait any longer, this report is for you. Now, there are two wired solutions to get your videos to your HD television. Read more...