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The ultimate guide to your iPhone camera - Absolutely everything you need to know

Become an iPhotography expert in about five minutes after watching our definitive video guide.

Combine your photos in multiple ways with these iOS apps

Combine multiple photos in a single frame for fabulous effects with these apps.

Today’s Apps Gone Free: World Of Goo HD, Battery Life Magic, Elasticam And More

Today’s AGF list includes a puzzle game, a battery manager, and a photography app.

Lucky Clan's Black Friday Sale Sees Lots Of Photography Apps Get Discounted

Six impressive photography apps have been discounted as part of Lucky Clan's Black Friday sale.

Want To Add HDR To The iPad's Camera App? Download iOS 7 This Fall

Apple has added high dynamic range (HDR) photography to the iPad in iOS 7 beta 2.

Today's Apps Gone Free: All-In Pedometer, Fiete, Pinocchio And More

Today's AGF list includes a fitness app, an interactive picture book, and an interactive storybook.

Top Camera Gets Another Update - And You Could Win A Copy!

One of our favorite all-in-one camera apps, Top Camera, has gotten another great update, featuring live adjustments. These new features will allow you to take better pictures than ever!

Excellent Full-Featured Top Camera Releases Free Lite Version

One of the best all-in-one photography and editing apps in the app store has just released a free, lite version of their awesome app!

True HDR Gets Incredible Update - Plus, You Could Win A Copy!

True HDR, already a very nice HDR app, has gotten some intriguing new features that set it apart from other HDR apps.

Top Camera Updated To Include Slow Shutter Feature And More - Plus, Win A Copy!

Popular photography app Top Camera has gotten a big update. Top Camera is a native camera replacement app that already has a number of great features, such as an excellent HDR setting. In addition to a number of camera enhancement features, it also has an extensive editing suite included. And now, Top Camera has been updated to include a number of new features, such as Dropbox integration and Slow Shutter mode.

HDR Photography Buffs Will Love greenlike's Video Flair

This brand new app from greenlike adds lots of HDR magic to your iPhone's fancy movin' pictures.

New AppList: Apps For Combining Photos

Combine your photos in different ways with these apps. For example, you can scatter photos onto the background of your choosing. Create a grid, mosaic, cubist artwork, or panorama of your photos. Learn about all those and more in this AppList.

Get Unique HDR Photos With Dynamic Light On Your iPhone, Plus A Chance To Win A Copy!

Dynamic Light is a unique HDR app that results in very dramatic looking photos. In addition to the regular HDR mode, there are many more effects to choose from. So how does Dynamic Light work? Read on to find out..

QuickAdvice: HDR For Everyone With TrueHDR - Plus, Win A Promo Code!

TrueHDR gives iphone photographers more options than the iPhone 4’s native HDR. Perhaps you’ve had fun playing around with the native HDR and you’re looking for more flexibility and control over your HDR photography. Or, maybe you don’t have an iPhone 4, and would like to create HDR photos on your iPhone 3GS or iPod Touch.

Pro HDR Gets An Update - Brings The Best Of HDR To Your New iPod Touch

A couple words to notify you new iPod touch owners that Pro HDR has just received an update, and it's now fully compatible with your new camera-boasting iDevice.

Review: Pro HDR - Two Shots Are Better Than One

iOS 4.1 deemed HDR the cool way to take photos. But with 3GS support absent, previous gen iPhone owners must scour the App Store for alternatives. Will Pro HDR be the killer app for HDR photography? Read on to find out...

Apple's Camera App Vs. Pro HDR - Which Rules Supreme?

Apple's iOS 4.1 includes a cool new feature dubbed "HDR." But, is it better than the already established Pro HDR, which is also available for iPhone 3GS users? Read on to find out!

iOS 4.1 HDR Camera Feature To Be iPhone 4 Only, But Jailbreak Fix Is Coming

It looks like Apple will be restricting its upcoming HDR Camera feature to iPhone 4 owners only. However, if you really want the feature, we're hearing that there will be a jailbreak fix for it.

iOS 4.1 - Should We Be Excited About HDR Photography?

As many of you know, iOS 4.1 is set to bring a new Camera app feature called HDR photography. It's clever, but does it produce results? Read on to find out...

Future iPads: You Want A Camera With That?

Steve Jobs might have let it slip that a camera enabled iPad is coming. Or maybe not. Read More...