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Withings' new Hy-Result in-app software could replace your physician

Withings' latest software will be of real use to folks with high blood pressure.

See your fitness data in a whole new way with Health+

Get a quick overview or extensive health data with this new app that works with Apple Health.

Apple partners with IBM on new medical research platform

IBM Watson Health is off to an auspicious start with its support for Apple’s health-focused frameworks.

Get into shape with your iPad and these apps

Take command of your workout with the apps in this AppGuide.

Get smart with TidePool, a Health app-connected brain training app

Train your brain with the Health app-connected TidePool.

Manage and track your weight goals with these iPhone apps

Become healthier and reach your goal weight by finding your ideal weight tracking app.

Keep track of those calories and get healthier with these iPhone apps

Eat better with these calorie counting apps.

The new Sync Solver app for iOS moves Fitbit data to Apple's Health app

The third-party app comes a month after Fitbit said it has no plans to integrate with Apple's Health app.

FTC wants assurances from Apple that HealthKit data will remain safe

The U.S. government organization is reportedly paying close attention to the upcoming Apple Watch.

RunKeeper update makes tracking your exercise indoors easy with the Stopwatch Mode

A HealthKit integrated version of the app is also on the horizon.

Yet another major bug has been discovered in Apple's ill-starred Health software

Apple has to deal with yet another bug affecting its health-focused software in iOS 8.

Report: Apple is planning to stop selling Fitbit activity trackers at its retail stores

Fitbit told customers earlier this month that it has no plans to integrate with the Health app in iOS 8.

Withings updates its Health Mate app with Health and Touch ID integration on iOS 8

Withings has released an update that makes its Health Mate app compatible with HealthKit and the Health app on iOS 8.

Fitness accessory maker Fitbit has no plans to integrate with the iOS 8 Health app

A number of other developers have stepped up to support the HealthKit API.

Runmeter updated for iOS 8 with Notification Center and Health app integration

Runmeter, the popular GPS activity-logging app developed by Abvio, has just been updated for iOS 8.

Get all of your health data in a single glance with FitPort - Your Fitness Dashboard

This slick app provides an easy way to get all of your health and fitness information in a single view.

You can now link 9 iHealth healthcare accessories with the iOS 8 Health app

It looks like iHealth is the latest manufacturer to add support for Apple's Health app.

Health record providers Athenahealth and Cerner working with Apple on HealthKit apps

Athenahealth and Cerner are working on apps that integrate with Apple's HealthKit platform.

Update: HealthKit issue in iOS 8 causes Apple to temporarily remove some fitness apps

Carrot Fit and a number of other apps are currently unavailable.

Carrot Fit 3.0 features 'most entertaining' integration with Health app on iOS 8

Carrot Fit 3.0 features Health app integration, a step counter, iPad support, and more.

Apple Watch said to gain additional sensors and 'richer' features for health and fitness

Apple is reportedly planning on adding more health-focused sensors and features to later versions of the Apple Watch.

It's time to get more focused on health and fitness with the Apple Watch

It's about time you formed a habit of keeping track of your health and fitness with the Apple Watch.

Mayo Clinic reportedly has a 'healthy' part to play at Apple's 'iPhone 6' and 'iWatch' event

Mayo Clinic is said to play a big part in the unveiling of Apple's new devices.