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Healthcare & Fitness

Apple's 'iWatch' Could Help Launch A New Health And Fitness Platform

Apple is probably working on much more than the "iWatch."

Facebook Moves Into The Fitness Tracking Business By Buying Moves App

Facebook has purchased the company behind the Moves app.

RunKeeper Adds A New Goal Coach Feature To Keep You Motivated And In Shape

Say hello to Goal Coach, the newest feature on the RunKeeper app.

Teach Your Children About The Wonders Of The Human Body With My Incredible Body

Your child — or anyone for that matter — can learn about the body with this app that lives up to its name.

Breeze Gives Step Counting A Purpose

Ditch your basic pedometer for an app that makes something out of your step count.

Apple Is Now Hiring An Exercise And Fitness Physiologist For The 'iWatch'

Work continues on Apple's "iWatch," as a new job listing proves.

Get Moving As The Nike+ Fuelband SE Is Unveiled

The second-generation wristband will launch in three new colors.

The Fitbit Force Fitness Band Is Now Available For Order

Fitbit has announced the release of the Force fitness band.

BodyWise Can Improve More Than 40 Areas Of Your Life

BodyWise is a one-of-a-kind app that allows you to track your progress in over 40 areas of your health and wellness.

Healthy Is Just A Click Away With These Apps

This AppList is designed to help you start on a journey to total wellness.

Start Making The Most Of Your Workouts

If your workouts have become uninspired, look no further than your iPhone for a little bit of motivation.

Shape Up With These Apps

Your iPhone can't go to the gym for you, but it can be the ultimate gym buddy! With the right apps, your iPhone can simplify and even automate the process of getting and staying in shape.

EliteStrengthCoach Slims Down In Price - Plus A Chance To Win A Copy

Priced at $5.99, EliteStrengthCoach was already one of the cheapest personal trainers you could get. However, Davis Creations is going to sweeten the deal even more. Starting today, EliteStrengthCoach is losing 16% of its price tag weight, putting the new price at only $4.99.

Keep Track Of Your Progress And Share With Friends With Cyclemeter GPS Bike Computer For Road & Mountain Biking

Cyclemeter GPS is an exercise productivity app whose GPS capability, working with Google maps, allows you to make a complete record of your course. It’s aimed primarily at cyclists but will work just as well for walking, running, hiking or any other outdoor activity that covers several miles.

Fuel Your Run And Get Motivated By Music With is an app that senses your pace while running so it can give you that extra boost in beat form.

"Gym Genie" Solid For Weightlifting Vets, Beginners Should Probably Stay Away

"Gym Genie" is a strong addition to any seasoned lifter's library, but beginners may be put off by its advanced specificity.

GAIN Fitness Does Gainer, Makes Splash In App Store With New Training App

A possible contender for "Best Fitness App" hits iTunes.

A Chance To Win A MiStrengthCoach Promo Code With A Retweet Or Comment

AppAdvice has teamed up with Davis Creations in order to offer you a chance to win one of five (5) promo codes for miStrengthCoach for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch ($5.99).

New AppList: Apps To Track And Maintain Medical Conditions

Living with a chronic health issue? Let your iPhone keep your logs and still have time to enjoy life! We scoured the AppStore to find the best health tracking apps geared toward specific health issues. Check out our AppList and see how modern technology can make your life easier.

"iFitness" Redux: "Full Fitness" And Developer Health Xperts Banned From App Store

"Full Fitness" shot to glory just like its "iFitness" predecessor. It fell just as fast.

"iFitness" Kicked Out Of Gym, New Spotter Might Leave You Hanging

Though iFitness was banned from the App Store, its code lives on in the re-branded, nigh-identical Full Fitness app from Health Xperts.