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hidden gem

Hidden Gem: Match Three Blocks To Make One With DELETR

Try this interesting twist on a match-three game.

Never Be Bored Again With Vodio On Your iPad

We're all bored at some point. But if you have Vodio, it'll be pretty easy to kill some time by finding and watching some great video clips from all over the Internet.

3 Hidden Gems You Have To Pay For

Most apps in the Hidden Gems column are free. This week, though, it's just Simplenote, Newsstand and Mover+ and they're Must-have apps. Let me tell you why.

Twitter And Facebook Apps, Even More Twitter and Facebook Apps - And Some Other Hidden Gems

In this week's hidden gems: Tons of Twitter and Facebook friendly apps, an easy way to find the definition to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, how to avoid waiting on the phone and a good video app. Click here to find out more...

Hidden Gems: Which Apps Got Shafted In The AppAwards?

We did our best and formed a nomination committee. I was on that committee. But there were still apps we missed. So let us have it. Tell us the biggest app travesty of the first-ever AppAwards.

Hidden Gems: Push Apps Worth Downloading And The Uneasy Feeling Of Alien App Syndrome

I've kept my eyes on all the new apps featuring Push Notifications and this week I'll tell you about the ones I think are worth downloading. But first, I want to share with you an app disorder I've developed.

Hidden Gems: Keeping It All Synced

Evernote's launch time is drastically increased on the iPhone 3GS, finally making it good enough to kill off Apple's native notes app. Now you can sync your contacts, calendars, texts and notes more using apps and services. That and more in this week's hidden gems.

Hidden Gems: There Isn't An App For That

The App Store still lacks quality apps in two important categories - chat and feed readers.

Hidden Gems: Out Of The Spotlight

In this week's hidden gems I'll show you a couple cool new releases, like an app that lets you slide a photo or contact straight from one iPhone to another, as well as some old blockbusters which have fallen from the top lists.