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Climb mountains and trek trails outdoors with the best iPhone apps for hiking

Confidently traverse the wilderness, from park trails to colossal mountaintops, with these amazing hiking apps for iPhone.

Hike Messenger Updated With iOS 7 Redesign, 2-Way Chat Themes And More

Hike Messenger — one of the cross-platform messaging apps competing with the likes of WhatsApp and Line — has just been updated for iOS 7.

Track Your Outdoor Activity With Your iPhone

Logging your routes can be very helpful whether it be for training purposes or to simply remember a trail for your next hike. These iPhone apps make remembering a route easy for you.

AppGuide Updated: Best GPS Activity Loggers

This AppGuide will help you find an activity logger that can track your running, hiking, skiing, biking etc. and give you real time results on how you are doing.

Share Your Adventures With Jeep TripCast

Whether going for a hike, or driving cross country, Jeep has a great program for logging and sharing your trip. In case you're wondering, while an iDevice is required, the Jeep is optional.