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home screen

New Web app Makeovr lets you customize your Home screen

If you've wanted to put blank spaces on your Home screen, but didn't want to jailbreak, Makeovr has come to your rescue.

First #Homescreen update lets you easily compare iPhone home screens with your friends

The first ever update to #Homescreen constitutes a nice first step toward making the app more social.

Easily share what's on your iPhone #Homescreen with this new app from Betaworks

A new website and app, #Homescreen enables users to share interactive screenshots of their iPhone home screens.

How to get the perfect iPhone home screen: Try this app arrangement theory

Things might be great with iOS' default app arrangement, but what if you made your iPhone more personal?

How Apple's iPhone Home Screen Has Changed Over The Years

One new image effectively demonstrates how the iPhone Home screen has evolved.

Get Your iPhone Home Screen Fix With Desktoply For iPhone

There's just no such thing as too much home screen.

Add iPhone-Frames To Your Handset's Self-Portrait Screenshots With This Jailbreak Tweak

Looking to create beautiful screenshots on your jailbreak iPhone? This new jailbreak tweak can help you out! Opens Sign Ups To Everyone is a fun and easy way to show off the home screens of your iOS devices.

Welcome To The AppAdvice Home Screen Peep Show

There is an art and a science to the home screen. Come take a look ...

Jailbreak Only: TapDeWiggle - Exit Wiggle Mode Without Touching The Home Button

Though TapDeWiggle might sound rather a lot like the name of some obscure, urban dance track, it is in fact a jailbreak tweak that some Apple fans might find quite useful. In short, TapDeWiggle allows fans to exit wiggle mode without having to press the Home button: instead, touch any empty space, and those app icons will promptly stop jiggling and wiggling about.

Desktoply Version 2.0 Is Here: Ogle All Of Your Workspaces In One Place

Desktoply is a site where you can post and share screenshots of your workspaces: desktops and home screens alike. Version 2.0 is here and it's full of features.

Win A Copy Of Wallpaper Hero Pro HD For iPhone

Here's your chance to win a copy of Wallpaper Hero Pro HD, the custom wallpaper creator!

Jailbreak Only: HomeScreen Settings - Add Settings Options To Home Screen

HomeScreen Settings is a new jailbreak tweak, which allows users to add individual options from the Settings app to their iPhone's Home screen. Currently, the tweak is available to download in the Cydia Store for $1.99.

Musicon - Add Music Albums To Your Home Screen

Musicon is a recently released application for the iPhone and iPod touch, which allows users to add music albums to their Home screen. Currently, the application is available to download in an ad-supported version for free, in the App Store.

Live Weather Updates Right On Your Home Screen

Fahrenheit is an impressive new weather app with a very clever trick. It uses the latest technology to show us the current temperature right on the home screen. Read on to see how they got past Apple with this one.

QuickAdvice: Glowing App Icons - Make Your Icons Glow

Glowing App Icons lets you create your own unique wallpapers. Do you like to change your home screen’s wallpaper frequently? Do you like each app or app folder to have its own little home square -- a glowing one, no less? Read on to find out how you can do just that.

Steve Jobs Explains Why iPhone 3G Didn't Get Wallpapers...

If you're wondering why the iPhone 3G can't cope with custom Home screen backgrounds, read on to find out what Steve has to say on the matter - and decide for yourself whether his answer is good enough!