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HP TouchPad

iWake With AppAdvice For Wednesday Now Available

Good morning! Today's iWake is now available. What to expect out of the iPad 3, a new Kindle book to check out, and just how bad are other tablets doing? Have a listen ...

A Recent Survey Shows iPad Dominance With Future Tablet Buyers

A recent survey published by Baird Research group shared a lot of insight for tablet makers and it is good news for Apple, which only means bad news for non-Apple device makers.

Pogue: New "iPad Killer" Only Good For "Rabid A.B.A. Nuts"

The next “iPad killer,” the HP TouchPad, is set to debut tomorrow, July 1. So far, however, it appears Apple has nothing to worry about, as the general consensus among reviewers is the tablet isn't much to write home about, at least as a 1.0 device.

How Does The iPad 2 Stack Up Against Six Competitors?

How does the iPad 2 stack up against the competition? Skattertech recently released two infographics (here and here) that compare Apple’s newest device with the BlackBerry PlayBook, Dell Streak 7, and Motorola Xoom, among others. The graphics are so detailed (and timely, given the iPad 2 arrives today) we thought we’d publish the information here too for our readers.

Tablet Comparison: HP TouchPad, iPad, Xoom, And PlayBook

Apple's iPad premiered last year, and it took the market by storm. But, since then, a variety of other tablets have appeared - from RIM's PlayBook, to the upcoming Motorola Xoom. Fortunately, the guys over at Engadget have put together a comparative chart, which displays the tech specs of each tablet.