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There’s now even a song about Apple's iOS 8.0.1 update issues

Song A Day mastermind Jonathan Mann tries to make the team behind the update feel just a little better.

Ikea introduces its 2015 catalog with a hysterical parody of the original iPad launch video

The home furnishings powerhouse is taking just a bit of inspiration from Apple.

How Do You Feel About Apple's 'iWatch' Now That You've Seen This?

Check out Apple's 'iWatch' in this new video.

Did Apple's Tim Cook Just Announce The Beats Audio Purchase?

A hilarious new video from Funny or Die features Apple CEO Tim Cook announcing his company's acquisition of Beats Audio.

Prank Your Friends With This Fun Device That Looks Like An iPhone

The TV-B-Gone SHP can turn off TVs from up to 100 meters away.

Oops, Conan Fan Tells The Comedian He Can’t Install iOS 7 On His iPhone 3GS

The late-night talk show host really doesn't like to be proven wrong.

This Song Should Make iOS 7 Haters Smile, At Least For A Few Minutes

Singer and songwriter Jonathan Mann has a hysterical take on Apple’s latest software.

Updated: Jimmy Kimmel Offers A Hilarious Take On First Look: iPhone 5s

Jimmy Kimmel has offered a hilarious take on Apple's iPhone 5s.

Is Apple's iPhone 5c Still Too Expensive? Check Out The Even More Affordable iPhone 5f

Funny Or Die made a great spoof video after yesterday's iPhone event.

Hilarious Take On 'Every Tech Commercial'

It's time for a little CollegeHumor.

Suspected iPhone Thief In Virginia Leaves His Samsung Galaxy Behind

A Virginia man's plan to upgrade to an iPhone went horribly wrong, thanks in most part to his stupidity.

Is This A Sneak Peek At A Redesigned iOS 7 Beta 4 Screenshot?

Check out this "leaked" iOS 7 beta 4 screenshot.

This Is What Would Happen If We Let Jony Ive Redesign Everything

If you hate the redesigned iOS 7, you'll love this Tumblr.

This Is What Happens When You Try To Use An iPad As A Camera

See what happens when an iPad gets pummeled by a foul ball at a college softball game.

Get Your Ugly On With Bumpin' Uglies

These ugly creatures need your help in dominating the gene pool, so it's time to get bumpin'.

XKCD Webcomic Weighs In On Instagram Terms Of Service Controversy

XKCD, the popular humor site by Randall Munroe, has just posted a webcomic that offers a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the controversy surrounding Instagram.

'America's Finest News Source' Says Apple Has A Plan For Fixing The Maps App

The Onion has the scoop on how Tim Cook plans on fixing the Apple Maps problem.

The iPhone 5: Wow, That Is A Bigger Change Than I Expected

The larger display on the iPhone 5 will really come in handy.

Watch As Pranksters Pretend To Break iMacs In Public

Pranksters from AwesomenessTV had a blast preying on the public’s love of expensive Mac hardware by “breaking” new iMacs.

This Parodic Scorsese Siri Ad Paints The Humble Virtual Assistant In A More Realistic Light

Here's how the Scorsese Siri ad would work out in the real world.

Which Productivity Suite Is Best For You?

This flow chart will help you decide which productivity apps are right for you.

Google Has Taken Over Sparrow, Now What?

Be proactive about the Sparrow acquisition.

Looking To Replace The Official Facebook App On Your iPhone?

Let's face it: The official Facebook app for iOS sucks. Try this on for size instead!