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The 7 best outdoors apps for your iPhone

Make your outdoor experience more fun and safe with these essential apps.

Dumbed-Down Monster Hunter Coming To iOS

Monster Hunter fans itching to see the series make its way to iOS will see their wish granted. However, this isn't the same Monster Hunter we all know and love, but a simplified version focused on combat. The game's title is Monster Hunter Dynamic Combat and it is coming to Japan in June.

Review: High Caliber Hunting - North America Like You've Never Seen It Before

In today's world, the North American wilderness is diminishing rapidly and there are barely any large creatures roaming the plains. EA's High Caliber Hunting lets you take aim at 20 distinct beasts in several of these locations. How does it compare to other hunting games? Read on to find out.

Review: Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 - African Safari Deathmatch

In most traditional hunting games, you use a few weapons to sneak up on a target and take them out with stealth. Even if they see you, they normally run away. But in the African Safari, things are different, and hunting is a craft pursued only by the keen and fearless. Can you handle it? Read on to find out.

New Applist: Apps For Renters

Currently renting? About to? Let your iPhone help.