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Apple Publishes iOS Human Interface Guidelines For iOS Developers On The iBookstore

Apple has launched an iBook version of its iOS Human Interface Guidelines document for iOS developers.

Apple's Relationship With Monitor Michael Bromwich Has 'Significantly Improved'

Apple seems to be getting along with Michael Bromwich a little better following the company's original complaint.

New Biography Of Influential Apple SVP Jony Ive Launches In The iBookstore

One new e-book offers iDevice users an interesting biography of Apple's senior vice president of Design, Jony Ive.

Apple Wins 'iBooks' Trademark Lawsuit, Will Continue To Use The Name

It looks like Apple's use of the "iBooks" name is safe ... for the time being.

It's Alive! Disney Unveils Frankenweenie: An Electrifying Book

Are you excited for Tim Burton's upcoming stop-motion animated film, Frankenweenie? If so, Disney has a treat for you, Frankenweenie: An Electrifying Book, a behind-the-scenes look at the origin and production of an envisioned masterpiece.

Adam Lashinsky’s Inside Apple Hits The iBookstore, Kindle Edition Available Too

Adam Lashinsky’s “Inside Apple” is now available to purchase in the iBookstore. The e-book, which provides users with a detailed insight into the management strategies employed by Apple, can be purchased for $12.99, and is also available in a Kindle Edition.

Steve Jobs' Biography Available To Download Now In iBookstore

Today, Walter Isaacson's highly anticipated biography of the late Steve Jobs is available to purchase from both bookstores and e-bookstores around the world. The book, which is based on more than forty interviews with the Apple co-founder, can be purchased from the iBookstore ($16.99) and Amazon ($17.88), along with many other retailers.

Starbucks Now Giving Away Free iBooks With Coffee, TV Shows To Follow?

Starbucks is now offering customers free iBook downloads as part of its "pick of the week" program.

Apple Sued Over iBooks Name

Another week, another Apple lawsuit. New York publisher John T. Colby is suing Apple over the use of the word “iBooks,” according to news first reported by Tuaw.

iPad Offers More Than Just iBook "Books"

Sure, the iBook app for iPad lacks titles. However, I suggest that readers check out the larger (and cooler) Book section of the App Store for some of their reading needs.

How To Read PDFs In The iPad iBook App

Did you know you could convert PDF files so you can read them in the iBook app? Come find out how.

Apple's iBookstore To Go International Along The iPad

Apple is due to launch its iPad iBookstore internationally along the iPad.

Universal Kindle App Is Now Live - iPad Version Looks Better Than An Actual Kindle

The App Store Kindle app just got an update, and is now a universal app that runs natively on the iPad. Kindle on the iPad looks better than an actual kindle ever could. Read on to find out all about it.

Exclusive: Secrets of an iPad Tear Down

Do It Yourself repair site,, got their hands on an iPad early and examined its guts. What they found will surprise, shock and possibly even anger you.