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‘Becoming Steve Jobs’ is now available through the iBooks Store, Amazon

The new unauthorized biography of the late Apple co-founder is now available to buy.

Expect huge App Store discounts, app updates in the coming days

Apple's iTunes Connect is shutting down between Dec. 22 and Dec. 29.

Apple Releases A Swift Programming Language Guide On The iBookstore

Developers will use Swift to create iOS and OS X apps.

Apple Publishes iOS Human Interface Guidelines For iOS Developers On The iBookstore

Apple has launched an iBook version of its iOS Human Interface Guidelines document for iOS developers.

Apple's Relationship With Monitor Michael Bromwich Has 'Significantly Improved'

Apple seems to be getting along with Michael Bromwich a little better following the company's original complaint.

Judge Gives The Go-Ahead For Class Action E-Books Suit Against Apple

Class action status has been granted to an e-books lawsuit against Apple.

Apple Requires 'Interest Age' For iBooks Aimed At Children, Teens By June

Apple is requiring iBooks authors to add an interest age for certain titles before June.

New Biography Of Influential Apple SVP Jony Ive Launches In The iBookstore

One new e-book offers iDevice users an interesting biography of Apple's senior vice president of Design, Jony Ive.

The New '90 OS X Mavericks And Legacy Tips, Tricks & Secrets' Launches

Here comes a great tool for Mac users now experiencing OS X Mavericks.

Apple Updates iBooks Store With Backend Improvements For Authors And Publishers

Apple has recently made a number of significant changes to the iBooks Store.

Apple Releases Official User Guides For iOS 7

Ahead of the official iOS 7 launch, Apple releases two new user guides.

Penguin, Macmillan Contact iBookstore Customers Concerning $3 Settlement

Customers of the iBookstore are set to receive compensation from both Penguin and Macmillan.

The Apple Store App Now Offers A Free Book Download

Readers can now snag “Away in My Airplane” by Margaret Wise Brown for no charge via the app.

Shelf Control: Apple's iBookstore Says No To One-Sentence Book

This week's Shelf Control is about a rather amusing development in the Apple approval process of a rather unusual iBookstore submission.

Apple's iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore Suffer Outage

Earlier today, Apple's iTunes Store, App Store, and iBookstore suffered major outages.

Apple Denies E-Book Pricing Collusion Charges, Blames Tough Talks With Publishers

Apple has responded to the U.S. Justice Department's allegations in the landmark e-book pricing case it's involved in.

You Must Be At Least 17 To See This Retweet By The iBookstore Twitter Account

It's late, and whoever's handling the official Twitter account of Apple's iBookstore tonight might have had one drink too many.

Apple Officially Opens iBookstore In Japan, Reveals Download Figure For iBooks

Following its "soft" announcement in the release notes for the latest update to iBooks, Apple has officially announced the expansion of iBookstore in Japan.

New iBooks Update Announces iBookstore's Expansion In Japan

Apple has just made its entry into Japan's thriving e-book market with the expansion of its Japanese iBookstore, effective as of several minutes ago.

Self-Published 'Breakout Books' Now Featured In iBookstore

Apple has introduced a new section in the iBookstore. "Breakout Books" features titles that are self-published.

Apple Making A Play To Bring iBookstore To Japan, But It Won't Happen This Month

An expanded iBookstore is coming to Japan in 2013. However, it won't be happening in January as first believed.

Apple Set To Expand iBookstore With Japanese Language E-Book Titles

Apple is about to say "konnichiwa" to the thriving e-book market in Japan.

The iBookstore Becomes A Regular Distributor Of DC Comics

DC Entertainment is finally placing digital copies in the major e-bookstores, including the iBookstore.