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Flexibits Releases Chatology: Searching For Messages On Your Mac Just Got Easier

Command+F is useful again thanks to Chatology for Mac.

Could iChat Be Coming To iDevices?

We dive deep into some iOS code to try to ascertain Apple's plans for iMessage and iChat.

Are iMessages Coming To OS X Lion's iChat?

A piece of code found within OS X Lion's iChat framework suggests that Apple is planning on adding iMessage support to iChat.

New AppGuide: AIM Apps For The iPad

AIM users have several options for the iPad. There are some fantastic free and paid apps. We compare the best apps out there for AIM users in this AppGuide.

Apple Awarded Design Patents For Many Products We Use

Apple has recently been awarded 23 new patents, according to Patently Apple, which highlighted four of these in a recent article. The patents included in the article are for the iPhone 4 design, the 2009 compact wired keyboard, the second generation iPod, and the iChat video conference system.

Special Event: Apple Reveals FaceTime For The Mac

There you go! While Apple's special "Back to the Mac" event, which is taking place at the moment, hasn't revealed anything very exciting for iDevice owners so far, it did get interesting.

WWDC 2010: The Announcements We Did Not See

We heard some great iPhone and app news at today's WWDC, but now that the dust has settled, I'm raising the question about the items we had really hoped for, but did not see.

Inside iPhone OS 4.0: iChatkit & Facebook Integration

We apparently still haven't seen everything that Apple has prepped for us in the next generation of iPhone OS as some new tidbits are making their way to the web today.

"Truckloads" Of iChat Hints Found In iPhone OS 4

Now that Apple finally introduced some sort of multitasking to iPhone OS, it's time to focus on all these other features we're still missing. While Flash support seems pretty much doomed, video conferencing and a front-facing camera on the other hand might be closer than we think.