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Apple introduces improvements for Photos and Apple Maps Connect

Apple has just rolled out several notable improvements for a couple of its Web-based services.

What happened to the Photos app on

Apple has pulled the Photos app from

Apple finally switches over to Apple Maps for the Find My iPhone interface

The feature used Google Maps data since first being introduced in 2012.

You can now manually upload photos via the site

Previously, users could only view, download, and delete images taken from their iOS devices.

Apple enables uploading to iCloud Photo Library in beta site

Apple has just added support for uploading images to the Photos app on the developer beta version of its website.

Apple unveils a browser security guide after reports of hacking in China

Apple says its own servers have not been compromised.

Apple adds two-factor authentication security feature to

You’ll need to have the extra security measure enabled before seeing the prompts.

Apple adds new iCloud Drive and Settings Web apps to iCloud beta website

Apple has just added a couple of new Web apps to the beta version of its Web app suite.

Apple has started to encrypt iCloud emails between service providers

The company first announced the change last month.

Apple Begins Implementing Two-Step Verification For Its iCloud Web App Suite

Apple is apparently rolling out its two-step authentication security feature to cover its iCloud Web app suite.

Notification Banners Adorn iCloud's New Website

Banner notifications are now appearing at

Apple Begins Email Migration From MobileMe To iCloud

After ages in limbo, email accounts are making their way to iCloud.

Apple’s Mistakenly Tests iOS-Inspired Notification Box

With a mistaken test box appearing on this morning, is Apple planning on converging notifications between iOS devices and Macs?

iCloud To Let You Upload iWork Documents To Your iCloud From The Browser

Following the launch of to developers last night, we're getting more details on what the service will offer. More precisely, we've just been able to confirm that not only will iWork with iCloud keep all your documents in sync across device, but you will also be able to upload documents to your iWork iCloud storage from the browser.

Apple Assumes Ownership Of Ahead Of WWDC

Apple has now taken ownership of, following the company's purchase of the domain (which we first reported on in April, earlier this year). As you can see in the above screenshot, Apple, Inc. is now listed as the official owner of the domain.

iOS 5 Will Be A Major Upgrade, When You Wish Upon An Apple

iOS 5 is sure to bring some great things to the table. Here's what I'm hoping for.

Amazon Cloud Player Now Compatible With iOS

Amazon's recently launched Cloud Player service, which allows users to stream music from "the cloud" to their computer, now appears to support iOS devices.

Spotify Free Users Can Now Download Tracks & Use The App - For A Price

Spotify has recently made some changes to its online music streaming service. Now, “Spotify Free” users can download MP3 tracks, and access the Spotify app on their iPhone or iPod touch – something previously reserved for premium subscribers.