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id software

Gameloft's Blitz Brigade Updated To Add New Multiplayer Mode, Map And More

Gameloft's Blitz Brigade has just received a fantastic update.

Both Versions Of Rage Go Free Temporarily

To celebrate getting over 100,000 "likes" on their Facebook page, id Software has made Rage and Rage HD free for the week. The game is an on-rails, first person shooter and offers intense gun battles and amazing visuals. The HD version is recommended for any user above an iPhone 3GS.

Fans Of The Classic DOOM Can Now Play On Their iPad, Plus Graphics And Other Enhancements

DOOM Classic v2.0 adds native support for Apple's tablet, a couple other requests, and another price drop.

Orcs & Elves Ain't Coming To An App Store Near You, Sorry

If you were hoping to see a port of id software's classic RPG, Orcs & Elves, then we've got a bit of bad news for you.

Footage: Rage On iPhone 4 Will Blow Your Mind

Yesterday, at QuakeCon, the folks from id Software gave a little demo of Rage running on the iPhone 4. As you might expect, it's totally awesome. Not only do they achieve great Retina-resolution graphics, but the iPhone 4 pumps them out at 60 frames per second

id Software Celebrates QuakeCon 2010 With A Sale

id Software's annual and completely free QuakeCon convention kicks off today in Dallas, TX, and to celebrate, the company is having a sale on all of their iPhone and iPod touch games.

Review: DOOM Classic

DOOM has a cult following, and the classic game is now here. Is it fun, or does it doom itself?

Review: Doom Resurrection

Doom is finally ported to the iPhone in the form of Resurrection. This is one of the few expensive titles in the App Store, and has a ton of hype. Is it worth it? Read on to find out.