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Yahoo's revamped Messenger is aimed at families and groups

Yahoo's acquisition of Tumblr has helped it build a better Messenger app.

New images show off WhatsApp's long anticipated voice calling feature

WhatsApp Messenger's upcoming voice calling feature has been spotted in the wild.

Snapchat Brings Instant Messaging, Video Calling To Its iOS App

Snapchat is about to receive a great update adding two new features to the application.

BlackBerry Is Updating Its BBM iOS App Adding Stickers, Group Photo Sharing And More

BlackBerry is set to update its BBM for iOS app later today making a number of changes.

Apple Rejects Encrypted IM App On 'Illegitimate' Grounds, Developer Claims

It could be we never see an ultra-secure, encrypted messaging app for iOS launch.

Free Instant Messages Now More Popular Than SMS

Has the rise of the smartphone had an impact on the number of SMS messages sent worldwide?

Shape Improves IM+ For iPhone 5, iOS 6, And Lost Connections

In v7.3, Shape's all-in-one instant messaging app gains iPhone 5 and fifth generation iPod touch support, iOS 6 compatibility, and improved message handling.

Multi-Platform Messaging App IM+ Goes Off The Record

Thanks to its latest update, IM+ has obtained another major plus.

IM+ Updated With More IM Platforms Plus Retina iPad Support

IM+ continues to live up to its name as it has once again been updated to add more to its instant messaging capabilities.

IM+ Now Supports Thai Localization And Connects With 'The Twitter Of China'

Shape Services has once again updated IM+ with support for additional social networks.

IM+ Supports New Social Networks And Languages, Plus Gets Inovled In The Valentine's Love Fun

Today, both the "lite" IM+ and IM+ Pro iOS apps have expanded localization and social network support, plus a little extra love in the form of a new Valentine's Day-themed wallpaper.

Samsung Announces ChatON - Its Own Group Messaging Service For iOS, Android, BlackBerry

Samsung has announced that it will soon launch "ChatON," its own group messaging service which will be compatible with iOS, Android and BlackBerry OS smart phones, along with Samsung's own Bada OS.

IM+ Supports Two More Instant Messaging Services, Gets Into The Augmented Reality Scene, And More

Both IM+ and IM+Pro support two more instant messaging services, gain the geeky feel of augmented reality searching, and improve upon existing features.

The Excellent Verbs App Updated With Facebook Chat Support

We are thrilled to let you know that Verbs just got updated, and has extended its capabilities to a new network, namely Facebook.

IM+ Creators Launch A New Multiplatform Check In Aggregator - With Augmented Reality

Check in fatigue getting to you? Checkin+ is here to get you back on track.

IM+ Developer Acquires Fone, Expect A New IM+ Video To Hit App Store Soon

In an article that hit the Web this morning, Robin Wauters of TechCrunch notes that SHAPE Services (the developer responsible for the popular instant messaging application, IM+) has recently acquired CrispApp, the Hong Kong based developer of fone. If you're not familiar with fone, the free iPhone app allows users to make VoIP calls to their Facebook contacts.

Verbs Gets An Update, Adds Push Notifications (As An In-App Purchase)

Verbs ($2.99), the instant messaging application for the iPhone and iPod touch, has recently received an update. The new version (2.0) brings a variety of changes - however, if you want two of the best new features, you're going to have to pay a little extra.

IM+ Updated To 5.0 - Now Includes Social Networking "Neighbors" Feature

If you are looking for an app that combines the best instant messaging and social networking features on top of an interactive map and location-based services check out IM+. The recent update brings the universal app to version 5.0 and offers some great additions.

AppGuide Updated: Instant Messaging Apps

Instant Messaging has become an essential part of life for many people. These apps will allow people to IM as much as they like. especially with the addition of IMO and Kik to this AppGuide. Instant Messaging Apps

IgniteIM Released: A New IM App, From The Makers Of TextNow

IgniteIM is now available to download for free in the App Store. The iOS application allows users to work with a variety of instant messaging networks, including AIM, Facebook, and MSN. Read on to find out more ...

QuickAdvice: Is Verbs Your Next IM Client On The iPhone?

The IM app market is getting a bit crowded, so how does Verbs stack up against the competition? Read through to find out..

My Whole Life Using iDevices

I thought I could live my online life with just my iPad and iPhone 4. Regrettably, I was wrong.

BeejiveIM For iPad Now Available At An Introductory Price

BeejiveIM for iPad is finally available, but it's not a universal app, so you will be spending a some money today even if you already own the iPhone version.

Beejive For iPad Awaiting Approval

Wired was lucky enough to get a first look at Beejive's upcoming iPad IM app and apparently, it's the very best of its kind.