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Your iMessages are safe from the DOJ thanks to encryption

Cupertino is trying to fight against government and court spying on your text messages.

The awkward truth behind automated messaging on iOS and Apple Watch

Our personal computers think they’re being smart and helpful by providing automated suggestions for what we should say. But are they?

Apple enables two-factor authentication for FaceTime and iMessage

The optional measure helps protect your personal information from hackers.

Apple launches deregistration tool to help avoid 'iMessage purgatory'

Apple has just introduced a new tool for deregistering phone numbers from iMessage.

BlackBerry comes out firing with 5 reasons BBM tops Apple’s iMessage service

The smartphone maker is trying to paint Apple’s service as spam haven.

Apple Promises A Fix To An Annoying iMessage Bug That Hurts Former iOS Users

Apple is working on a fix to the "iMessage purgatory" problem.

Cydia Tweak: TypeRead Sends Read Receipts Only When You Start Typing Back

Hate read receipts on iOS? Then download this new jailbreak tweak.

The AppAdvice Week In Review: Trouble Brewing Between Apple And Google Over iMessages

Apple still hasn't bought Beats Audio, but they are playing nice with Google -- or are they?

Apple Sued Regarding iMessage Bug Plaguing Android Users

There is currently no reliable solution to fix the issue.

Cydia Tweak: How To Quickly Toggle Read Receipts Under iOS 7

ReadReceiptFS can add a useful toggle for read receipts to Apple's iOS.

Cydia Tweak: MessagePopper Fixes An Annoying Issue With The Messages App

In my opinion, MessagePopper provides a necessary fix for the iOS 7 Messages app.

Cydia Tweak: Get Detailed Information On Your Messages App Usage With SMS Stats 2

SMS Stats 2 brings detailed messaging information to the Messages app.

Southwest Airlines Is Offering Inexpensive iMessage Access

Just in time for the busy holiday travel season, the U.S. carrier is offering the option for just $2 per day on its flights.

Apple Reiterates That They Aren't Spying On Us

Apple has issued another statement about customer privacy.

Apple To Fix Widespread iMessage Issues On iOS 7 With Upcoming Software Update

Apple has confirmed that it's working on a fix for failing iMessages on iOS 7.

Reset Network Settings To Fix Failing iMessages In Apple's iOS 7

Having trouble sending iMessages in iOS 7? This method could help.

Video: Third-Party App Brings Apple's iMessage To Android

Apple's iMessage is now available for Android - but beware.

You Can Now Report iMessage Spam Directly To Apple, And Here's How

Apple has just launched a straightforward means by which users can report unwanted messages or spam sent through iMessage.

The AppAdvice Week In Review: After Google I/O, Focus Shifts To Apple's WWDC

It was a great week for Google as the company announced new and revised products. Here are just some of the headline stories from the week that was.

Google's Hangouts May Offer SMS Messaging After All

Google's new Hangouts service could eventually include SMS support.

Free Instant Messages Now More Popular Than SMS

Has the rise of the smartphone had an impact on the number of SMS messages sent worldwide?

Interesting iMessage Bug Deletes The Last Word Of Certain Phrases

The issue seems to be affecting some iMessage users on both the iPhone and Mac.

Apple's iMessage Is Down Yet Again

Having trouble with your iMessages? You're not alone.

The US Government Can't Break iMessage's Encryption

The DEA can't seem to break iMessage's encryption when a warrant calls for it.