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Apple updates iMovie with 4K video support for the iPad Air 2

The iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and upcoming iPad Pro can also create and share 4K movies.

Just in time for the new year, Apple goes global with its 'Start Something New' campaign

Apple has gone global with its new “Start Something New” campaign, just a few days after soft-launching it in Japan.

Apple's Japanese website encourages iOS and Mac users to 'Start Something New'

Apple has just launched a new ad campaign that appears to be exclusive to its official website in Japan.

Apple updates iMovie for iOS with support for iCloud Photo Library

A number of other Apple apps have also received some minor updates.

Apple updates iWork and iLife for iOS and Mac with support for OS X Yosemite and more

Apple has updated its iWork and iLife suites of productivity and lifestyle apps for iOS and Mac.

Apple updates its iPhone and iPad apps with support for iOS 8

Apple has updated most of its iOS apps for iOS 8.

Bring Out The Popcorn: Apple Adds New Apple TV Channel For Watching iMovie Theater

Apple has just added a new channel to Apple TV that's dedicated to one of the new major features of the updated iMovie apps for iOS and Mac: iMovie Theater.

Updated iWork And iLife Apps Now Available In App Store And Mac App Store

The updated iWork and iLife apps for iOS and Mac have been made available in the App Store and in the Mac App Store.

Apple Announces New Versions Of iLife Apps For iOS And OS X

Apple unveils new versions of iPhoto, Garageband, and iMovie.

Apple Reveals New iOS 7-Style Icons For iLife And iWork, GarageBand To Go Freemium

Apple has all but confirmed the imminent arrival of its iOS 7 updates to its line of iLife and iWork apps for iOS.

New Icons For iPhoto, GarageBand Suggest iOS 7 Updates Are Incoming

At long last, updates for iPhoto and GarageBand, at least, appear to be in the pipeline.

Apple Now Refunding Eligible iOS Users Who Bought iWork And iLife Apps After Sept. 1

Apple has begun refunding eligible customers who have purchased iWork apps and certain iLife apps for iOS since Sept. 1, 2013.

Apple Updates Its iLife Suite For iOS Ahead Of iOS 7

Did Apple's iLife iOS applications recently receive an update preparing them for the launch of iOS 7?

Some Of Apple's Non Native Apps Could Become Free Downloads In iOS 7

Big changes could be coming to some of Apple's non-native apps.

It’s True: Apps Are Getting Super-Sized

It might be time to put apps on a diet. Is that even possible?

Apple Updates iPhoto, Podcasts And Other Official Apps With iOS 6 Support And More

Following the release of iOS 6 today, it’s no surprise that Apple has also released a succession of updates for its iOS apps, in addition to approving a slew of third-party apps.

Apple Releases Updates For Cards And iLife iOS Apps

Having issues with some iLife iOS apps? Hopefully Apple addressed those issues in these new updates.

AppAdvice Daily: App Synergy - Video Making

Using app synergy, we'll show you how to create highly stylized home videos or podcasts.

AppAdvice Daily: Show Off Your iPad

Today we are going to show you some apps that will make an apple fanboy or girl out of just about anyone. So get ready to show off!

The Downside To Having Retina Display On The New iPad

Upwards of one million customers will begin experiencing their new iPads today, which come with an incredible Retina display for the first time. Still, there is one significant downside to having such a technology. In fact, the new iPad's Retina display will also affect (negatively) those users that haven't upgraded, according to The Verge.

The Best New And Updated Apps Of The Week

Each week, Appadvice offers what we feel are the best apps of the past week - plus, one we felt could have been much better.

AppAdvice Daily: AppStart Series Day One - First 10 Apps

Get ready for the first installment of AppAdvice Daily's Special AppStart series on how to get the most out of your iPhone. And, what better way to start off the series then with the first 10 apps you should download.

iMovie '11 Ties Up Loose End, Finally Accepts Imports From iOS App

iMovie '11 recently received a small but significant update.

Apple Updates Its Two Biggest Media-Creation Apps With New Features And Stability Enhancements

Apple snuck another pair of updates under our noses today, with GarageBand and iMovie getting fixes galore.