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inc Makes Checking-In With Friends A Lot Cooler

Tired of checking-in via Foursquare only to find none of your friends are nearby? Now a new app called Forecast is set to arrive that helps you tell your real life friends where you expect to be sometime in the future. The end-result could be a game-changer in the world of social networking.

Bryan M. Wolfe

QuickAdvice: Retro Camera Plus - Take Cool Retro Photos For Free

Retro Camera Plus is the perfect way to explore the world of retro photography without spending a dime. Surely you’ve heard of app store darling Hipstamatic. Well, now you can check out Retro Camera Plus, which is similar, except that it’s free. Some might call it a knock-off, but I see it as a different app entirely, since each of the effects are different. In fact, I believe they complement each other quite nicely - it would not be a waste of space to own both.

Karen Freeman

New App Could Change How We Watch Television

Forget TV Guide and its small, hard to read grid listings. Forget your cumbersome onscreen cable or satellite guide that is packed full of worthless information that can make your head spin. What if you could take the television listings and merge them with your personal preferences? Now you can, thanks to a new app called Peel. Read more...

Bryan M. Wolfe

Discuss TV Shows In Realtime With The Yap.TV App

Watching television isn’t typically a real-time social experience. Sure, we like to discuss our favorite shows next to the company water cooler or on Twitter and Facebook. But, that typically happens after the fact. However, thanks to a new app from, Inc. you can discuss a show with online friends in real time on your iPad.

Bryan M. Wolfe