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Embrace the musician in you and create breathtaking music with these iOS apps

Make beautiful music with these apps and your iDevice.

Anyone Can Make Music With Revamped Smart Instrument App Beatwave 2.0

With the all-new Beatwave 2.0, creating music has never been easier or more enjoyable.

Updated AppList: Apps For Musicians

This AppList examines some of the best apps for musicians.

Review: Magic Fiddle - To Make The iPad More Magical?

Smule is at it again, and this time brings a Fiddle to your iPad with Magic Fiddle. From the makers of Magic Piano comes new songs with string instrument action, and a Guitar Hero like scoring system. Read on to find out all about it.

Review: Morphwiz - Half Instrument, Half App

Half-instrument, half-app, and half-imagination, there's wholly more than enough content in Jordan Rudess's mindfully innovative Morphwiz app to make music even with only half a brain.

Video: NYC Band Replaces Stolen Instruments With iPhones

I used to manage an indie rock band back in the day, and having our instruments break down or even stolen was definitely a huge concern. With technological progress, and especially the iDevice revolution, it seems like this is not much of a big deal anymore.

Licks - Great New Guitar App For iPhone

Licks ($2.99) by Michael Ahmarani has been designed for every guitarist who has ever wanted to add something extra to their playing. If you have ever wanted to add a new dimension with licks and riffs then this app is definitely for you