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Apple and other tech companies settle anti-poaching lawsuit for $415 million

Apple and three other big Silicon Valley firms have agreed to settle an anti-poaching class action lawsuit to the tune of $415 million.

Apple and other big tech firms agree to new settlement in anti-poaching lawsuit

Lodged in 2011, the complaint accused Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe of colluding to not poach one another’s employees.

Intel acquires 1Password competitor PasswordBox for its Security Group

The acquisition effectively hires all of PasswordBox’s 48 employees into the Intel Security Group.

Apple's Late 2014 MacBook could feature Intel's Core M Broadwell processor

Intel's new Core M Broadwell processor could be featured in the next MacBook.

Apple might delay launch of rumored 12-inch Retina MacBook until early 2015

Apple could be forced to defer the launch of its rumored 12-inch MacBook on account of delays affecting Intel's Broadwell chips.

Intel Would Like To Return To The Apple Fold In 2015

Intel would like to once again provide baseband processors for Apple's iPhone.

Plaintiff In Apple's Anti-Poaching Suit Calls Settlement 'Grossly Inadequate'

Apple could end up facing a trial over its alleged anti-poaching practices.

Intel, Not Apple, Is Rumored To Have Purchased Basis Science

Intel has reportedly made an interesting wearables acquisition.

Following Appeal Refusal, Anti-Poaching Lawsuit Against Apple To Go Ahead

It looks like Apple, Adobe, Google, and Intel will be fighting off an anti-poaching lawsuit in court, after all.

Apple, Google And More Now Face Anti-Poaching Group Lawsuit

Apple has another lawsuit on its hands, this time concerning anti-poaching agreements dating back several years.

TSMC Said To Be Supplying 'A8' Chips For Apple's 2014 iOS Devices

Apple and TSMC are said to have recently signed a three-year manufacturing deal.

Former Apple Exec To Head Intel’s New Devices Unit

Intel gets a shake up from its new CEO with a major reorganization and a few new departments.

Intel Likely To Join TSMC And Samsung As An Apple 'A7' Chip Provider

Intel is likely to grab 10 percent of Apple's mobile chip business.

Say Hello To Intel's Tangled Curiosity, A New Game For iOS

Intel and Discovery Channel have introduced a new game for iOS. Tangled Curiosity offers finger bending puzzles that combine with real-time data feeds from the Web.

If This Interview Is Anything To Go By, Ultrabooks Are DOA

Intel doesn't have a clue about where the computing market's going, and it shows.

With In-House Chips Running Its iDevice Lineup, Apple Approaches Another Industry Milestone

Apple's on pace to surpass Intel as the industry's leading mobile processor company.

Apple Now Worth More Than Microsoft & Intel Combined

At the close of markets yesterday, Apple (APPL) was worth more than Microsoft (MSFT) and Intel (INTC) combined.

Apple Might Drop Intel-Acquired Infineon Chips In Next iPhone

Intel bought Infineon so that it could finally get something it owns into the iPhone. However, now it looks like the next iPhone will use Qualcomm parts instead. Read More...

Intel Becomes Bigger Smartphone Player

With its decision to buy Infineon, Intel has decided to join the smartphone industry like it never has before. Read More...

Report: Intel Could Become iPhone Supplier

The chip maker might become a supplier for future iPhones.