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Appsonite's Interview App Is Costly But Effective

The content in aVirtualInterview is helpful and exactly what you would expect from such an app. While a lot of the tips seem to be common sense, they could be extremely useful to those who desire a good practice and preparation tool for their interview. Watching an actual person ask you questions adds an element of realism to better prepare you.

AppTalk: Interview With InteraXon COO - Why Project Black Mirror Is A Hoax

Many sites, including this one, have reported on Project Black Mirror, which claimed to convert mere thought into an iPhone Siri command. Soon after, numerous scientists and engineers declared the project a fraud. One of the most outspoken naysayers, has been Trevor Coleman, a co-founder and chief operations officer at InteraXon, a thought-control computing company, which specializes in experience design for brain-computer interfaces. On his blog, Coleman writes a lengthy post entitled, "Why the Brainwave/Siri hack is a hoax, and why it's important that you know."

Breathe Easy Interrogators, Interview Assistant Is Here For You

Apps designed for conducting interviews aren't new, but Interview Assistant presents a beautiful package that stands up nicely against some of the older competition.

AppTalk: Interview With Erik Loyer - The Developer of Strange Rain

Today we have an interview with Erik Loyer who developed Strange Rain. We give a little bit more of the story behind an app that is definitely unique.

Turn An iPod Touch Or iPhone 4 Into A Mobile Interview Kit

The iPod touch has become a great tool for those needing to shoot quick easy videos. What if you want to shoot an interview on your iPod touch? Read more...

AppTalk: Interview With The Developers Of Angry Birds

Today we have a new addition to our AppTalk section with an interview with the developers of Angry birds. Ville Heijari from Rovio answered the questions, so click through to find some insight into the most popular game in the App Store.

Interview With Jay Freeman: Talks Cydia, Cycorder, And The History Of Jailbreaking

Check out this great interview with Jay Freeman, father of Cydia! The mastermind talks Cydia, Cycorder, and even recounts a brief history of jailbreaking...

AppTalk: Interview With Ian Marsh of Nimblebit Creators of Scoops and Dizzypad

We finally have a new developer interview in our AppTalk section. This time Ian Marsh of Nimblebit shares his thoughts, and gives us a little insight into the development team behind Scoops, Dizzypad, and Sky Burger to name a few.

AppTalk: Interview with Adam Stewart - Developer of Tilt To Live

We have a new AppTalk, a chat with the developers behind Tilt To Live. Find out all about the two man team, how they produced the great game, and more.

AppTalk: Interview with Matthias Höchsmann - Developer of ZombieSmash - Plus Win One of Ten Copies

We have an interview with the developer of ZombieSmash talking all about the great game. Plus we're giving away 10 promo codes. Click through to read all about it.

AppTalk: Interview with Jani Kahrama of Secret Exit, Developers of Zen Bound

Our newest AppTalk is an interview with Jani Kahrama of Secret Exit, the developers behind our #2 game of all time Zen Bound. Find out what goes into their deluxe games, and plans for the future.

AppTalk: Interview with the developer of Soosiz, Ville Mäkynen

It's AppTalk time again, and now we continue our series of interviewing the developers of the Top 5 games of all time. We gave you a look into the minds behind Jet car Stunts, and now today it's the minds behind Soosiz. Read on to find out all the details.

From Macworld: Discussion with Eros Resmini of OpenFeint

We sat down with Eros Resmini of OpenFeint, and tried to find out as much about OpenFeint as we could. Click through to read about everything OpenFeint, currently and in the future.

AppTalk: Interview with Rob Jagnow, The Developer of Cogs

An inside look into the developer of Cogs. He details how he came up with the idea, how he imported it to the iPhone from the PC, and potential Cogs plans for the iPad. Plus he explains the differences between the App Store, and the PC games market. Find out all the details inside.

AppTalk: iPad Thoughts From Another Seven iPhone Developers

Our AppTalk series continues with seven more iPhone developers, giving you a total of 21 thoughts. Find out more about the iPad as a gaming platform.

AppTalk: iPad Thoughts From Seven More iPhone Developers

Find out what developers think about the iPad, and if they will be bringing special iPad versions of your favorite games. Today we have opinions from the developers of Flight Control, Chardium, Guerrilla Bob, and Soosiz to name a few. Read on to find out.

AppTalk: iPad Thoughts From Seven iPhone Developers

Find out what developers think about the iPad, and if they will be bringing special iPad versions of your favorite games. We have opinions from the developers of Pac-Man C.E., Zombieville USA, Dark Nebula, MiniSquadron, and Touchgrind to name a few. Read on to find out.

AppTalk: Interview with Luke Ryan & Andy Coates, the developers of Jet Car Stunts

Interview with the development team behind the outstanding Jet Car Stunts. Find out how their path to the App Store, how they developed the game, and their view of the entire process.

AppTalk: Interview with Anders Hejdenberg, Developer of Dark Nebula

AppTalk featuring an interview with the developer of Dark Nebula, Anders Hejdenberg. He was the lead designer of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, and has turned his sights to the iPhone. Find out all about him. Plus there are details of Episode 2.

Interview With Assassin's Creed 2 Discovery Producer Ben Mattes

Today we have an interview with Ben Mattes from Ubisoft who is the producer of Assassin's Creed 2 Discovery for the iPhone. He gives us the low down on the production process, and why Ubisoft produced the sequel instead of having Gameloft do it again.

AppTalk: Interview with Thomas Lachartre Developer of iBlast Moki

It's AppTalk time again where we give you a little insight into the world of iPhone developers. Todays installment is with one of the two person development team behind iBlast Moki. Find out all the details inside.