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ios 4

New iPhone Tracking Controversy Is Debated, Could Be Simple Bug

More information has been uncovered about Apple’s file, which apparently tracks our every move. For privacy advocates, it is probably very good news. It appears that the file was never supposed to track our every move forever, and because of this, the problem should eventually be solved. However, is this the end of the story?

Bryan M. Wolfe

How Many iDevice Users Have Adopted iOS 4? The Answer Is Plenty

As early generation iOS-based devices truly start showing their technological age, and being left out of the latest and greatest features, how many iDevice users have the latest version of Apple's mobile OS on their devices? One iOS developer chose to share some numbers that give us a bit of an insight.

Casey Tschida

iPhone 4-Ready Radio Now Available With Ether

If you're a Retina display-loving iPhone 4 owner who's in the market for a decent radio app, then look no further. Ether for iPhone is a brilliant radio application - and at $0.99 it's easily worth the cash! Read on to find out why you should buy this brilliant app...

Joe White

Why Jailbreak: iOS 4

With iOS 4 out and adding features such as multi-tasking and backgrounds, does jailbreaking still serve a purpose? Read on to learn three reasons why we think jailbreaking is still userful.

Mitchell James