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iOS 4.2

How Many iDevice Users Have Adopted iOS 4? The Answer Is Plenty

As early generation iOS-based devices truly start showing their technological age, and being left out of the latest and greatest features, how many iDevice users have the latest version of Apple's mobile OS on their devices? One iOS developer chose to share some numbers that give us a bit of an insight.

ReaddleDocs 1.7 for iPad - iOS 4.2 Ready

ReaddleDocs is a popular app to access files on your iPad. The latest update adds a Number of iOS 4.2 enhancements. The update also brings some new features ...

Appisode 225: iOS 4.3 Rumors, Airplay Demo And Hot Accessories For Holiday Travel

Rumors of iOS 4.3 are already here! I'm doing a quick demo of how Airplay works - and show some limitations. Plus we have some hot accessories for holiday travelers. We have all this and more on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Latest iOS 4.2 Update Signals The Beginning Of The End For The iPhone 3GS

Your shiny new iPhone 3GS isn't really all that new, even if you bought it today. Read more ...

Jobs: "Lots More Coming Soon" To AirPrint

Not happy about AirPrint's limitations? You are not alone. Read more ...

Talk About A Mobile Office: AirPrint To The Rescue

With the release of iOS 4.2.1 yesterday, including Apple's AirPrint technology, a new era has begun. The iOS community seems to be on the verge of yet another app race, and this time it's all about who can get out the AirPrint-capable app the fastest.

Appisode 224: iOS 4.2 Is Here!

iOS 4.2 has finally arrived! There's a new update for Apple TV, plus find out what HD apps have updated for GameCenter and multitasking. We have all this and more on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Video: Apple Demos Airplay & Find My iPhone

Today, Apple released some new and interesting features to the public. Read on to find out more ...

iOS 4.2.1: The Official Changelog & Direct Download Links

Just moments ago, Apple finally released iOS 4.2.1 to the public. You're probably aware of the new features it brings as we've been going over them for quite some time now. Nevertheless, there is no better way to have a quick overview of all of them than by checking Apple's official change-logs.

iOS 4.2 Is Now Available

It is time to celebrate. The iOS 4.2 update is NOW available. Read more ...

iWork Apps Updated Along With iOS 4.2

Along with today’s iOS 4.2 update, Apple will release updates to its three iWork apps for the iPad. Version 1.3 of Keynote, Numbers, and Pages add support for the new iOS update and other features. Read more ...

Apple Makes Find My iPhone Feature Free With iOS 4.2

Who says Apple never hands out anything for free. As part of today's long-awaited release of iOS 4.2 for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad, the company is beginning to offer its Find My iPhone features for free. Originally users needed to pay $99/year for the company's MobileMe service in order to use this feature. This is no longer the case. Read more ...

Apple Releases iOS 4.2.1 GM To Developers

Surprise, surprise! While we were all waiting for Apple to finally release iOS 4.2 to the general public, apparently it still isn't ready.

Apple Releases Second GM Build Of iOS 4.2 For iPad

We can now confirm yesterday's rumors that Apple is delaying iOS 4.2 by at least another week. As speculated, Apple has just released a second final beta version of iOS 4.2 for iPad, which should fix the Wi-Fi issues the last version had.

iTunes 10.1 Is Now Available: Includes AirPlay And iOS 4.2 Support

Check your Software Update app, Apple has released iTunes 10.1 with a couple key features that should excite newer iDevice owners.

Report: Sorry But iOS 4.2 Update Is Delayed

The newest iOS 4.2 update has been delayed. Read more ...

Appisode 217: HD Game Center Apps And iPhone Face Altering Apps

iOS 4.2 is about to hit, find out what HD games will update for Game Center. Face altering apps on the iPhone and Words With Friends HD now has a free edition.

Flight Control HD Will Be Made Available On Game Center For iPad

One of the top selling games for the iPad is about to offer online multiplayer support. Read more...

Rumor: iOS 4.2 Update Coming Friday

The long-expected iOS 4.2 update is expected to be released on Friday morning. Read more...

OmniGraffle 1.4 Is Out And It's iOS 4.2 Ready!

A big update for OmniGraffle is now out and ready for download. OmniGraffle was one of the original iPad apps launched back in April. It is a great tool for organizing thoughts visually. OmniGraffle 1.4 is now fully iOS 4.2 optimized ...

iOS 4.2 Release Schedule Rumors Roundup

Now that Apple released the pre-final version of iOS 4.2 and we've told you everything there is to know about it, you're probably wondering when it's coming out. Today, we're hearing some new rumors about a possible release date.

Found In iOS 4.2 For iPad: Control Image Sending Size

Soon your iPad will let you pick the resolution of the images you send. Here's a look.

Appisode 212: iOS 4.2 - Everything You Need To Know

iOS 4.2 is almost here - so here's everything you'll need to know about the new update.

New Multitasking Bar Found In iOS 4.2 For iPhone

A hidden feature that many may have missed is another screen on the iPhone and iPod multitasking dock...