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ios 5.0

The iOS 5 Beta 2: Two More New Goodies Uncovered

Apple surprised many with its release of iOS 5 beta 2 late Friday night. Now developers are talking, allowing us to know more about this release. Two new features that look exciting include a new first boot screen, plus a new way to scroll within a web app

The New iOS 5: The Newsstand [Details Added]

Apple announces Newsstand for iOS 5. This is where all of your magazine and newspaper subscriptions will be available, and where new items may be purchased.

Google Tries To Balance Humpty Dumpty, Can't Match Apple's Lofty Support

Google's recent initiative to provide Android users with 18 months of guaranteed support is unlikely to mean much.

iOS 5 Will Be A Major Upgrade, When You Wish Upon An Apple

iOS 5 is sure to bring some great things to the table. Here's what I'm hoping for.

Microsoft Makes Toolkit Available For iOS Developers

Microsoft is making it easier for iOS developers to write apps for Apple’s mobile platform that also work with Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform. Accordingly, the company has released a new toolkit, which will also be made available for Android developers soon. What's this all about?

Is iOS 5 Coming In June?

With WWDC 2011 just over one month away, we’ve gotten word that Apple is field testing iOS 5. Does this mean the public will receive iOS 5 as early as June?

The iOS 5.0 Debate: Facebook Integration Could Be Coming Too

A revised “Search iPhone” dialog box and improved multitasking menu aren’t the only things coming with iOS 5.0. We could also get full Facebook integration with contact syncing. But, could all these rumors be based on fakes?

Leak: Is This iOS 5? (Videos)

The folks behind Tinhte have released two videos allegedly showing a test version of iOS 5.0. Could this be the real deal?

Who Needs An iPad 2? Latest iOS 4.3 Release Could Come As Early As Wednesday

Apple’s iOS 4.3 update could be available as early as tomorrow morning, according to news first reported by The Loop. The build, which Apple originally said wouldn’t be available until Friday, March 11, is compatible with the upcoming iPad 2, along with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 GSM, third- and fourth-generation iPod touch, and original iPad.

Will Apple Finally Announce A Free MobileMe Service And iOS 5 Next Month?

A new rumor states Apple will hold its annual iOS roadmap event in early April. During the event, the company will unveil iOS 5.0 and an improved MobileMe service.