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iOS 6.0

Editorial: Siri No 'Dumb Blonde,' Just Needs To Grow Up

Siri's a capable young lady. She just needs a little time to mature.

Future Versions Of iOS Could Display Dynamic, Shadow-Based 3-D Elements

Attention to detail is one of the reasons why Apple's iOS shines so bright.

The iOS 6 Quick Pick

Packed with 200 new and/or improved features, iOS 6.0 is much different than the iOS it will soon replace, Version 5.0. Beginning today, AppAdvice will occasionally highlight one of these new features in a column we’re calling, the iOS 6.0 Quick Pick. Enjoy!

Apple's Next Generation iOS Also Includes Subtle Changes

Apple's iOS 6.0 includes 200 improvements and/or changes. Here's a look at only a few of them, versus iOS 5.0.

Coming This Fall, iTunes Match Streaming

Apple is making it easier to access your iTunes Match songs in iOS 6.0. Yes, music streaming in the native Music app is finally here.

Key iOS 6.0 Feature Will Change Our Mobile Safari Experience For The Better

A great new iOS 6.0 feature is media uploads in mobile Safari. Now you can upload files to your favorite websites.

New iOS Mockups Elegantly Combine Latest iPhone Rumors

A gray color scheme and Safari omnibar could be coming to iOS 6.

Apple Co-Founder: Windows Phone 7.5 ‘More Beautiful’ Than iOS, Android

Steve Wozniak recently had some kind words to say about Windows Phone 7.5. The Apple co-founder stated Microsoft’s mobile product is better than Android, and most surprisingly, offers a better app experience than both Android and iOS