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ios 6 features

Use Your iTunes Music As An Alarm In iOS 6 - Plus Ways To Customize

The long wait is over, we can finally use our iTunes music as an alarm in iOS 6. Plus, we'll show you how to customize a song so you can wake up at the perfect part.

Snap, Select And Share - How To Setup Shared Photo Streams In iOS 6

Get your camera ready, today we're talking about how to set up and share your Photo Streams.

The iOS 6 Update Is Now Available

Apple has officially released iOS 6 to the general public. In other words, GET IT NOW!

Is Your Device's Camera Compatible With Panorama Mode?

Panorama mode is certainly an exciting feature, but will your device's camera make the compatibility list?

Apple Revamps The App Store In iOS 6

Apple has just unveiled an all new design for the App Store in iOS 6