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ios vs. android

Android smartphone profits fall to a new low as Apple's iOS dominates

Android smartphone profits fall, as Apple continues to celebrate.

Apple's iPhone overtakes Android in the US for the first time since 2012

In the U.S., Apple's iPhone leads -- for now, anyway.

Android fragmentation runs amok, while 91 percent now use iOS 7

To date, there have been 18,796 distinct Android-based devices seen in 2014.

Google's Android and Apple's iOS continue to dominate the smartphone market

Android and iOS continue to represent most of the smartphone market.

Enterprise continues to embrace iOS, Apple

Apple's iOS continues to lead the enterprise market by large margins.

For the first time, Apple iOS usage slips below Google Android

Android usage worldwide is No. 1 for the first time.

In Europe, Samsung's Galaxy S5 Comes In Behind Apple's iPhone

It looks like Samsung's Galaxy S5 is no match for the iPhone in Europe.

One In Five Apps Is Soon Abandoned, But This Is An Improvement

One in five apps is abandoned after being used once.

Forget Samsung: Jury Foreman Suggests Apple Should Sue Google, Instead

Should Apple go after Google for iOS-related patent damages?

Apple And The Great Income Divide

More data confirms the richer you are, the more likely you'll own an iPhone.

Talk All You Want About Android’s Dominance, But The Apple iPad Still Rules

Apple's share of the tablet market drops to just 36 percent.

Google's Android Continues To Lead Apple's iOS In Terms Of Market Share

Android ended 2013 in pretty good shape, in terms of market share.

Apple Tops A New Survey Of The Best Smartphones, Tablets And Laptops Of The Past Year

Finances Online gives the iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and MacBook Pro with Retina display high marks in a new year-end survey.

By 2017, 68 Percent Of US Smartphone Owners Could Be Using An iPhone

Nearly seven out of 10 smartphone owners could be using an iPhone in the coming years.

This Black Friday, More Than 80 Percent Of Mobile Purchases Were Made Using iOS

Most mobile-powered Black Friday purchases were made using Apple's iOS, according to a recent report.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Publishes 'Guide' On Switching From iOS To Android

Eric Schmidt is helping confused smartphone owners switch from iPhone to Android.

Google Can Celebrate Android's Rising Market Share While Apple Makes The Money

Android hits a record high in terms of smartphone market share.

Google's Eric Schmidt Claims Android Is 'More Secure Than The iPhone'

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt has compared Android security to iOS security.

As Apple’s New iPhones Arrive, Google Is Having A Very Bad Day

It looks like some Google Android users wish they could switch.

Consumers More Likely To Buy An iPhone The Next Time Around

By 2015, more U.S. consumers could be carrying an iPhone versus an Android-based device.

'Game of Thrones' Cast Love Their iPhones, Except A Wildling Of Course

Didn't you know? Only wildlings use Android devices.

Android's Lead Over iOS Is Huge Worldwide, Another Reason For A Cheaper iPhone

Android has a huge lead among worldwide smartphone shipments. This is yet another reason to expect a lower priced iPhone later this year.

Thanks To iPhone 5, iOS Retakes Lead Over Android In The US

Strong iPhone 5 sales have caused iOS to leapfrog Android to once again become the No. 1 smartphone operating system in the U.S.