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One iPhone 3G User Claims Apple Crippled Her Smartphone And Is Suing

Common sense tells us that smartphones produced today will be better than those produced a year or two ago. But, is that against the law? One iPhone 3G owner believes so. Biana Wofford has alleged that Apple has wronged her and others when it released iOS 4 earlier this year. Read more...

Review: Voice Tutor

Voice tutor is a brand new app currently on Apple's "Featured Apps" section. Voice Tutor touts an ability to improve your singing "no matter what kind of voice you have, or how long you've been singing". I took Voice Tutor for a spin to see just what it's all about.

How To: Jailbreak iOS 4

Jailbreak any iDevice article with ease thanks to

Apple Looking Into iOS 4 Problems On iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G users probably should refrain from upgrading to iOS 4.

Foursquare Updates For The Fours

Popular geolocation and "check-in" software, foursquare, has just been updated to improve the app for iOS4 and the iPhone 4. It doesn't stop there, however, as the update to this universal app includes changes for all iDevices.

Loopt Update Lets You Know If Your Friends Are Around

While there are many geolocation apps like FourSquare in the app store, Loopt is the first major geolocation app to take advantage of iOS 4's new background location feature.

Most Mobile Ads Go To Apple Devices

Fifty-six percent of mobile advertisers do so on an Apple iOS device. This is before Apple's entry into the ad business even started.

Cinq Makes Photo Sharing As Easy As One, Two, Three

If you want to be able to easily sync your iPhone photos with your computer, and vice versa, then look no further: Cinq, a $0.99 application, can do the job for you. Read on to find out more about this great little app!

Got Exchange And iOS4? There's A Fix For That

Users of iOS4 who use Microsoft Exchange, or who use a Gmail account setup as Exchange, may have noticed slower-than-expected syncing and other issues. While an iOS4 update is coming in the near future, you can download a fix for this problem today.

Apps for Stalking Apple

I know what your thinking... "I already read all the news about Apple... BUT I WANT MORE!" Well, you crazed iJunkie, I've got your fix right here.

Apple Readying Keynote App for iPhone 4, iPod touch

Apple's latest patent application indicates Keynote is going universal and includes some features missing from the iPad version of the app.

MobileMe Gallery App Gets The iOS 4 Treatment

Just a short post to notify you that Apple has just released an iOS 4 update for its MobileMe Gallery app. On top of bringing fast-app switching, MobileMe Gallery now allows you to enjoy your pictures in higher resolution, that is if you're using an iPhone 4 on Wi-Fi.

iPad To Be Blessed By iOS 4 In November According To Apple?

AdAge is reporting that Apple is informing iAd advertisers they'll be getting iOS4 on the iPad this November.

iOS4 And The iPad

Many of the new features of iOS4 will come to the iPad. However, what those features are and ultimately how they will be incorporated into Apple's tablet is anyone's guess at this point. Nonetheless, I take a stab...

Is an iOS4 Update Coming Already?

Apple appears ready to release an iOS4 update that should resolve the reception problem that some iPhone 4's are experiencing. If true, it would appear it was a software glitch all along and nothing wrong with the iPhone 4 hardware design.

For Developers It's All Apple Vs. Google

Forget Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. The world of mobile computing continues to be a race between Apple and Google.

What Exactly is iOS 4 Multitasking?

You've heard that iOS4 includes multitasking, but what exactly does this term mean and how will this change your iPhone experience? We have the answers.

Are Android Apps Safe To Use?

Apple is often criticized for the process it uses to approve apps for its App Store. However, when you compare it to the competition, perhaps Apple is onto something.

We've Used It: The iPhone 4's Video and Image Capabilities

The iPhone 4 is available and users are letting us know what the new device can do! Check out some image and video samples here, including ones from our own Jay Siegel.

Seeing is believing

The screen is indeed crisper on the iPhone 4. Just how amazing is the difference? Take a look.

Okay, Now You Can Jailbreak

The new PwnageTool 4.0 jailbreaking tool supports the iOS4 update and is now ready to download.

Flight Control And Real Racing Get iPhone 4 And iOS 4 Enhancements

Firemint has added Retina display support, multitasking abilities, and other great enhancements to both Flight Control and Real Racing.

Bejeweled 2 + Blitz Gets The iOS 4 Multitask Update Treatment

PopCap Games have updated Bejeweled 2 + Blitz with support for iOS 4's multitasking features.

iOS 4 Installs Gone Wild

Bugs and hardware limitations are causing havoc for some that are upgrading to iOS4.