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Facekandi: A FaceTime Chatroulette App For iPhone

Facekandi is a recently updated application for the iPhone and iPod touch, which allows users to engage in a Chatroulette-style game using Apple's FaceTime video calling service. The app is currently available to download in the App Store for $0.99.

The FaceTime-Powered Sex Hotline Is No More

Apparently FaceTime-powered porn on an iPhone doesn't work, at least as a commercial business. One of the first adult entertainment companies to use Apple’s video application, iP4Play, has called it quits

Porn Service Excited By FaceTime For Mac's Release

FaceTime for Mac is great; the ability to be able to video call iPhones and iPod touches directly from your Mac is brilliant. However, one person in particular is especially pleased: Travis Falstad, managing director of iP4Play (the FaceTime-powered porn service). Read on to find out more...

FaceTime Porn Service - 1,000 "Satisfied" Customers In Five Days

The now-infamous FaceTime porn service, IP4Play, has received 1,000 customers in five days. Read on to find out more...